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Wrapping an Axe Handle with paracord is simple and an effective solution for protecting the handle. Learn the technique in this video by Spartan Johns. Many people who use and axe will notice that when then miss a swing it hits the handle just below the axe head. To prevent your axe handle from getting damaged, simply wrap it in paracord. You do not need to wrap the entire handle, you can if you want to, but it is not necessary. The process is very simple. To determine how much TITAN WarriorCord or TITAN SurvivorCord you are going to need, do a quick pre-wrap...

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Learn how to wrap a paddle with paracord in this instructional video presented by ITS Tactical. Why have plain old paddles when you can wrap the handles with paracord? This video will teach you how to wrap a paddle handle with paracord using spiral hitching and two Turks heads. You will need one 14’ section and two 4’ sections of SurvivorCord or WarriorCord, a small paddle, scissors, a lighter, and a marlins spike.  The 14’ section of paracord will be used for the spiral hitching and the 4’ sections will be used to make the Turks head for each end of the...

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In this instructional video presented by David Hopper, you will learn just how easy adding paracord to a boonie hat really is. By adding paracord to a boonie hat you will have extra survival cord at your disposal and it will give your boonie hat some flare. For this project you will need a boonie hat, 30 feet of WarriorCord or SurvivorCord, and hemostats or needle nose pliers. To begin, fold the length of paracord in half bringing the ends together and tie a double overhand knot. Tuck the knotted end under one of the loops on the boonie hat, from...

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Learn how to make your own paracord bow handle wrap in this instructional video. Get better grip on your bow by making your own paracord bow handle wrap. Have you ever been out bow hunting or bow fishing and wished that your bow had better grip on its handle. Well, you can make it have better grip by making your own bow handle wrap using MIL-SPEC 550 cord. Not only does the wrap promote better grip, but it also dampens the snap that happens when you release your arrow. This article is going to discuss how to make a paracord...

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Learn how to wrap a knife handle with paracord using the Strider Weave in this instructional video presented by EDC Planet. You'd want to wrap your knife handle with paracord to promote better grip, and have 550 cord at your fingertips. This article will discuss how to wrap a knife handle with paracord using the strider weave. We will be wrapping a combat search and rescue tool also known as a CSART. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you pre-wrap your knife handle with gutted paracord. This will make it so you cannot see any of the original handle and...

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