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Great durable laces with a little extra inside!!!

These laces are tough and durable with the extra protection of SurviorCord XT inside!! Highly recommend!!!

2 point sling

Very well made. Great product. It’s handy. It’s comfortable. Great idea.

SurvivorCord XT | BLACK, 100 FOOT

It’s awesome!

TACAMO 15-Piece Emergency Fire Kit

Product Works Great!

The product is high-quality and easy to use!

Excellent kit

Add a Bic lighter and some stormproof matches and this kit is perfect. Could not be happier with the quality of the items. Great gear, great communications, great company. Thanks. Will continue to buy, and to recommend.


NIce to have a pair of boot laces with a Fero Rod and Stiker to boot.

Incredible product! A must have!

Be sure to read my full review about this great ultimate survival product:

SurvivorCord | BLACK

What can you say about Survivor cord

It's good cord.

Great quality, fast service.

Best Sling I've ever used.

The Titan rifle sling just blew me away. Another example of innovative Titan gear. Without a doubt the best sling I own. They did not skimp on the Survivor Cord, Wow! And two sets of sling swivels just a quality tactically sound piece of kit. I'll be purchasing more. Thanks Titan for the Best Customer Service in the business. Doug Rusher

The Real Deal

Too bad all paracord is not made like this. Truly prepper worthy!

GREAT!!!! :)))

Thanks a lot for the product

Great Product Line

Titan is selling some great stuff. Sling is a quality item. Great value. Highly recommend with one caveat. Need directions on re-lacing after changing sling connectors. I got there. Thanks Titan. Great stuff.

Quality product!

A good, reasonably priced product.

Great product. Exactly what I ordered and expected.

Quality Product

Good quality rope

Titan survival cord

I haven’t used it yet but it looks good and feel strong nice job

SurvivorCord | FOREST-CAMO

Survivor cord is awesome!

It is everything that is advertised. Buy it, you will be pleased!

Capri Leggings

My wife loves these, as they are durable, soft, and very comfortable I am told.


I’m going to make something in late Jan,221.

Superlative Ferrous Rod!

Excellent Ferrous Rod but SurvivorCord fob makes it unique!