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Easy Paracord Cat o’Nine Tails Whip

Learn how to make an easy cat o’ nine tails whip using paracord in this tutorial presented by Pyrotron. This easy paracord tutorial only takes a few minutes to make.

For this project you will need ½” PVC pipe cut to 10-12”, PVC coupling, a 2” dowel, electrical tape, scissors, a saw, a lighter, a tape measure or ruler, and of course some paracord. First you will need to cut eight pieces of paracord that are 2’ in length. Seal the ends with the lighter to prevent fraying and make them easier to work with.

Next, lay the ends of the paracord onto a piece of electrical tape. You only need to do this for one end of the paracord. Place the dowel in between two of the paracord ends that are at one end of the electrical tape and tightly roll the dowel, cord ends, and tape together. Continue to add tight layers of electrical tape of the rolled end until it fits snug into the section of PVC coupling.

Once you are finished with that, insert the paracord into the coupling. Make light scratches on the 10-12” section of pipe with the saw and then insert it into the other side of the coupling.  This just simply allows the handle to grip the coupling better. Wrap a layer over electrical tape over the coupling.

Take long piece a piece of paracord and tie it to the end of the handle using a basic knot. You can just keep the paracord on its roll at this point. Melt the knot together so that it does not come undone. While holding the paracord at the end of the handle, wrap it tightly with electrical tape to secure it to the handle. Wrap the handle with the paracord until you reach the coupling. Make sure the wraps are tight and flush against each other, but not overlapping. Once you reach the coupling simply tie a knot and melt or super glue it in place.

At this point you can add electrical tape anywhere you think it will help secure things better. Once you are done with that, the last thing to do is tie a knot on the very end of the paracord that makes up the whip part. That’s it! Your paracord cat o’ nine tails whip is now complete and ready for use.  TITAN WarriorCord is perfect for paracord projects like this.

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