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Creating Your Own Paracord Guy Lines

Learn how to use a fish bone knot-less gear tie to create your own paracord fish bone guy line. You can use this cord tightener to create your own guy lines, as well as knot-less gear tie anywhere you need a knot.

Creating your own paracord fish bone guy line is a simple way to guy up antennas, secure loads, hang hammocks, and guy up your tent. The fish bone is a knot-less gear tie that can be used to tighten paracord guy lines, and as the name suggests, without having to make any actual knots. The fish bone makes guying up anything a simple and quick task, and you can use it anywhere you would need a knot when creating your guy lines.  

Anyone that has used paracord in making guy lines knows that after tying a knot in paracord and applying any sort of tension makes untying the knot near impossible. Tying and untying knots in paracord can be tedious and time consuming. Using the fish bone knot-less gear tie takes less than a minute and is easy to use, taking all the hassle out of making guy lines using paracord.

To use the fish bone knot-less gear tie put the end of your paracord through the eye of the fish bone from the top working behind the gear tie and coming up through the first hook on the tail of the fish bone towards you. Then up and around to the backside and through the second hook towards you.  Put two to three inches of the end through the tight loop around the fish bone that was created by the first hook on the side that is facing you.

Pull on the loop that has been created by the fish-bone and the free end that is coming out of the eye of the fish to tighten down. To adjust the length simply allow slack through the eye of the fish bone. It is as easy as that to use and will save you time and a whole lot of frustration. Remember to use TITAN Paracord for all of your important paracord projects.

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