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Make a "4 Strand Fishtail" Survival Bracelet

In this instructional video presented by Bored Paracord, we learn how to make a 4 strand fishtail survival bracelet. Try a different design and make a 4 strand fishtail survival paracord bracelet.

For this project you will need a plastic buckle and two lengths of paracord. The amount of paracord you will need will depend on your wrist size. A general rule of thumb is that for every 1” of wrist you will need 1’ of paracord. The 4 strand fish tail design requires two equal lengths of paracord.

Once you have determined how much paracord you need and cut your lengths, seal the ends closed with a lighter to prevent them from fraying. It also makes them easier to work with. To start making the bracelet, cows hitch both cords side-by-side on one end of the buckle.

Flip the buckle over and straighten the working ends, and work them through the other end of the buckle from the backside, and separate the buckles. This is where you will set your length. Making sure the cords are straight throughout and not over lapping, place the buckles to the appropriate length apart. Make sure the working lines are coming out of the buckle towards you.

Take the right cord tighter as one and put work through the middle and under the left center cords. Make sure to keep all of the cords are straight and not twisted or overlapping. Now take the left cords and work them over the right cords in the middle and under the right center cords.

Take the left cords (that are now on the right side) and without twisting the cord, work them over the right center cords, through the middle, and under the left center cords. Now take the right working cords (that are currently on the left side), and do the same thing. Repeat this process until you reach the other end of your cord. After each pass, make sure to push the work up towards the buckle end and keep the cord nice and tight. 

Once you get to the other buckle, and have made as many weaves as possible, weave the working cords through their respective center strands using pliers to pull the cord through. Snip the remaining working cord and carefully melt or glue the ends into the weave. That’s it, your 4 strand fish tail paracord survival bracelet is now complete! Try our patented TITAN SurvivorCord - it's the ultimate parachute cord for your paracord projects.

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