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Emergency Sleeping Bag Review

A YouTube review of TITAN Survival's Emergency Sleeping Bag by Happily Ever Outdoors.


You folks will hear again with happily ever outdoors. So today we are going to be taking a look at the Titan survival emergency sleeping bag. First off, I want to say thank you to Titan survival for sending this product out to us to test and review. I just want to let you guys know that, although I did get this at no cost and exchange from an unbiased opinion, I am not a paid representative of the company. So any statements that I make or opinions that I express in this video are my own. Okay guys. So I have had a chance to actually test this product out in the field. This video is just going to be kind of a quick overview. I'm going to talk about the product. Tell you guys what I think about it kind of demonstrate it for you real fast, but I did another video, a solo survival scenario utilizing this survival sleeping bag. So I encourage you to check that out. I'm going to have that in the description down below, as well as try to link that at the end of this video. So you guys will be able to jump straight over to that. It is kind of a long video. It's about 30 minutes. So if you don't want to watch the whole thing, you can kind of skim through it. I cover a lot of stuff. That's just basically just giving you some knowledge about what to do in a survival scenario. Essentially, I set myself up as a hiker. Who's unprepared who goes out for a short day hike, or at least he thinks that's, what's going to be, it doesn't bring hardly any gear with him at all. Of course gets close to dusk, realizes that he's lost starts to panic instead of stopping and realizing, okay, I need to start setting up a shelter. I need to see about getting some firewood and he figured out what I'm going to do tonight. He doesn't do that. Darkness already falls, so it's dark out and you've got nothing ready to go. So I kind of start the scenario off there. And the emergency sleeping bag is my only source of shelter. For that video, I don't have any kind of a tarp. I don't have any kind of a tent, nothing like that. So I really test this thing out and see what it can do standing on its own. It was cold. It was rainy. It was video was recorded here in April in New Jersey. And it was a cold night. It was a rainy night. It was nasty. It was not fun, but the sleeping bag did get me through the night. So where the rubber really meets the road is a situation like that. Doesn't really work. I can talk all day about, you know, show you what it looks like. It looks cool. It looks like it'll work good, yada, yada, yada. But how many people actually take these things out and test them? I guarantee you, there's not that many people who are putting out reviews for this stuff who actually do that. So make sure you check that video out. That's what really matters at the end of the day. All right, folks. So just to talk about the specs of these bags real quick, I've got two of them here for examples that I will show you. One of them is one of their camouflage colors and see here, it's kind of a green, you know, Woodland S type pattern. And then I've also got one of their emergency orange sleeping bags, which is the one that I actually used overnight. So I would see this as ideal for like hikers backpackers, or if you just have this to go you know, in the glove box or your truck or something like that in case you need an emergency the bright orange color is great because this is you know, it's pretty reflective. It's a really obvious color if you're out in the wilderness. So you could use this for signaling and stuff like that too. But at the end of the day, I mean, if you're, you know, sleeping out overnight and you're hoping people are coming, looking for you if you have a bright orange color like this, it's going to make it more likely that they're going to spot you. Now, if you're like a Hunter or maybe a prepper, maybe this is going in your bug out bag in case the government comes after you or something. And you want something where you're not going to be found, you do have these camouflage colors, which you can kind of tell there's still a little bit shiny. But they're not nearly as like reflective as this is either go to their website, Titan and check out all the different patterns that they have. I'm sure that will change. I think they're getting ready to do some kind of redesigns on their products and stuff and do a little update on these. So you may see some new stuff coming down the pipeline. But right now that's what we've got to work with. All right, guys. So I'll show you right here. This is the bag that does come with each emergency sleeping bag. This is a pretty sturdy little bag. It's got a nice draw string on the top because tightened survival actually builds these for multiple uses. If you notice pretty much all of the other emergency blankets or emergency sleeping bags on the market, you don't really see something like this. It usually comes in like a little plastic bag that you tear open because they don't expect it to last more than one use with Titan survival. Their thinking is that you'll be able to get at least several days use out of this even more. If you take care of it, a lot of that is being mindful when you actually use it, that you check the ground for sticks or rocks or anything like that, that it could tear it. Of course, if you do get some minor tears, you can do some little quick repairs with you know, duct tape or whatnot and make it stretch a little bit further. But they definitely do build these sturdier in my opinion than some of the other stuff out there, which is good. When you think about it, because any survival situation, you don't know that it's necessarily just going to be one night, it could be two or three or four nights, or, you know, who knows how long. So you definitely want something like this though. You do want it to be super lightweight and you know, compact easy to put it in your bag. You want it to actually work. If you've got something that's so lightweight and so thin material that it's just going to tear and fall apart, then you might as well not have anything, anything at all. And when that thing fails, when you're in the middle of like a, you know, rainstorm you're going to be out of luck and depending on the weather, the temperature, all the different factors, it could end up costing you your life so better to be safe rather than sorry, and go something that's a little higher quality. Now I will kind of unfold this for you guys. By the way, this is easy enough to get back in the bag. Pretty much all you're going to have to do, or the way I did it is when I got done using it. I made sure I kinda hung it up, gave it a chance to dry because you're going to get condensation and stuff on the inside and on the outside of the bag. And then I took it and shook it off outside, got in dirt and pine needles and stuff like that off of it. And then I just kept folding it in half over and over you know, long ways, folding it over until it matched up with the, with the, the little drawstring bag and then just rolled it up nice and tight. And I slid right back in there. So that was too easy. It definitely is a reusable. The bag is functional. It's not difficult at all to get it repacked inside that bag. They made it plenty large enough. Now I'll just kind of show you guys with this one right here. See if I can open it up a little bit, just so you can see the seams. It does have a pretty sturdy sealed scene on this guy. I like the fact that it does kind of wrap around yeah, the edge here on the top. They don't just go straight up to the end, you know, it wraps around so it's closed and it just, it feels very strong. Any other sleeping bag like this, I'd be really nervous to, to pull on that at all. But it's, it's pretty sturdy. It's pretty well put together. So that was one of the big things I was looking at. When I was testing this thing overnight was you know, when I roll around and stuff like that is that seem gonna end up busting out on me. And I looked this thing over real good. After I got home, got it in the indoors, under the light to check it out and I found no holes, no tears. The seams are all just as good as new. You'll see some little like scratches and stuff in the finish, you know, where the finish kind of came off a little bit on the outside, but that's it. And for a whole night of use sleeping on the ground in the woods that's, that's pretty surprising to me it's in, in better shape than I would've expected. Honestly. Now, as far as the size is concerned, I'll go ahead and throw the actual dimensions up on the screen there for you guys, but practically speaking I am five foot six and I was able to get inside the sleeping bag, kind of curled up in a somewhat, a fetal position and pull the emergency sleeping bag all the way over the top of my head to where I was completely cocooned inside with just leaving, you know, a crack so I could breathe through it. So it was definitely a, a good size for an adult. I think if you were more of a, you know, average height, male, more like the, you know, six foot, two range or, you know, six foot even right there, you might have to scrunch up a little bit more to actually get completely inside of it. So it would have been nice to see the sleeping bag, maybe a little bit longer. I'm just thinking for the for the taller folks. But for me it was perfect. But with wise, you know, as far as how much room it gives you inside, it's pretty good. It's better than some of the other single person, ones that I've I've seen. I would love to see time survival put out a two person version of this. I've seen a few other companies that do do those. And currently they just have this one person model, but given the overall like quality of the design and everything, the way it's built if they put out a two person, one, that would be great because if you are in a situation where it's two of you lost together that's going to be ideal because then you're both going to get in there together, and you're going to share that body heat. So that's even better than using two sleeping bags separately and huddling together. Just get inside that giant sleeping bag together, and you can be fully shielded, fully protected from the elements. And you'll be able to share that body heat, especially if the temperature really starts to drop, that's going to make a big difference. Okay. So right now I'm going to go ahead and put in a couple of clips of us taking this thing outside and climbing designed here. So we can kind of demonstrate it for you guys, so you can see how you're going to use it and how it's [Inaudible]. All right, folks. So what are my overall impressions of the Titan survival emergency sleeping bag? Again, I have actually tested this thing overnight in poor weather. So I can tell you from experience, unlike a lot of people that it really does work and it outperforms several of their competitors products without naming names. So it does exactly what it's designed to do now. I Deely you know, from my experience, if you watch my survival scenario video, you'll see this. If I had some kind of a, like a shelter tarp, or even just a regular, another, you know, just a regular emergency blanket that I could rig up to give me some kind of overhead cover. It would have performed a little bit better sometimes with emergency sleeping bags, you have to deal with condensation happening on the inside of the bag, just like you would see, like on the outside of a, you know, a can of soda in the summertime, right? It's a natural reaction. Same thing can happen with emergency sleeping bags in reverse where it starts to condensate on the inside. Now, I think because I had cold rain hitting me and soaking that sleeping bag all night, that that was kind of magnifying that condensation problem. So if I would've had just some kind of better cover over the top of me to actually keep the rain from falling directly on me, I think we would have had less of an issue there. But nonetheless you know, given the situation, if I did not have this I would have been soaking wet and I guarantee you even that night I wouldn't have made it through, I would have been hypothermic before the night was over. So this could make all the difference. If you just happened to have one of these in your day pack or, you know, in the truck of your car, in case you get stuck while you're out off-roading or whatever it could really make all the different something as simple as this, it's an inexpensive product. It weighs next to nothing. It's very small compact. It's easy to take with you. And it could make the difference between life and death. So this is definitely one product that I can say from my own personal experience, it works and it easily gets the HEO seal of approval. Now, if you guys watch my other video, where I take this thing out in the woods, you'll hear me kind of preaching the same thing, but I'll say it one more time. Whatever kind of emergency shelter that you bring and whenever, and you go out in the woods, I don't care what you plan, whether it's just going to be a short little trip during the day, whether you think, you know, the area, whatever you should have, some kind of shelter, whether it's just an emergency sleeping bag like this whether it's some kind of a shelter tarp combined with that, or maybe a a poncho poncho is a great option because you can wear it as like a rain jacket, if you need to. But if you need to build a shelter, you can just, you know, twist off that hood and then use it as a tarp. So very useful thing to have, but either way, whatever your kid is, maybe you've got one of those little moody emergency tube, tarp things, or whatever. I challenge you to take that thing out, get yourself a nice controlled environment, get out in the woods somewhere where, you know, it's safe, you know, it's controlled, you know, you can get out of there. If you need to, you know, you have your truck nearby or whatever, and really push yourself to go through the night in nasty weather conditions with that set up and see if it's going to be enough to keep you comfortable enough to make it through the night. It doesn't mean you have to be warm and cozy, but if you're shaking and shivering through the night with the setup you have, then you need to rethink that the kit that you've got, because you never know when that day trip turns into an overnight, and if you're not ready for the worst that that night might have to offer, you might not make it through the night. So make sure you understand your gear, make sure you know how to set it up and make sure you test it. So, you know, that will actually work. There are some products out there that are really great that do what they're supposed to do. There's some other stuff out on the market that honestly is just junk. And if you look at the reviews, if you actually test the stuff for yourself, you'll find out that there's some stuff out there that you really can't count on. So make sure you've got the right gear, make sure you've got stuff that you can count on. You know, I use it. All right, guys, this concludes our review of the Titan survival emergency sleeping bag for this and other products like it head on over to Titan If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below this video. Also make sure you're subscribed to our channel. And don't forget to look us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our blog.