SurvivorCord is our original patented MIL-STYLE paracord with three potentially life-saving internal strands added: Fishing line, waterproof fire-starter, and multi-purpose utility wire.

SurvivorCord XT is SurvivorCord...but better! Built for Bushcraft, this latest incarnation of our patented paracord upgrades the internal survival strands for better outdoor recreational utility.

Elastic ShockCord has 100% stretch, a tensile strength of ~100 LBS, and is ideal for creating bungee cords and securing or tethering items to your equipment or vehicles.

Looking for BULK cordage? This shortcut takes you to all of your favorite TITAN Survival cordage in 500 and 1,000 foot spools.

These accessories are specifically designed by us to either work well with SurvivorCord in crafts or projects, or are made from SurvivorCord and can be used in an emergency.

SurvivorCord is patented and guaranteed for life!

In an emergency, Fire can mean Life! Make sure you're prepared.

Essential survival gear, designed to protect you from the elements in emergencies.

5(ish) MIN REVIEWS: TITAN SurvivorCord Review - Preparedmind101


Everybody's Christian prepared mine. One-On-One here to do another review in five minutes or less this time we're going to take a look at Titan pair chords, survivor cord, so don't go away. So tightened para cord is one of the better manufacturers of pair cord from the different ones that I've personally tried out. And what the survivor court is, is their mil-spec seven strand pair cord. That also has an addition on the interior of it. Wax jute for fire starting copper wire for snares, or just other utilitarian purposes and monofilament fishing line. So you've got a total of 10 different strands inside the outer shell of this, which basically makes it a toolbox. There's so many things that you can get done. And I've used this several times in several videos such as the tops S X, B video, and the base camp in a bag video. So let's cut a section of this and see what the interior looks like. So you may be concerned that, you know, Hey, there's wire in there. Is that going to be, you know, rough to cut or anything like that? No, it's not. It's actually not super thick, super strong in there, copper wire, but it does the trick. Now here's one of the downsides as will pointed out in his video that he did on Manis outdoors channel. It's very hard to take a large section of this cord and just harvest the extra part that you want it just for whatever reason it does not work. So it's not like you can cut a big section, a cord and just pull out the copper wire and leave the rest in there. It won't. So when it's time to harvest it, you're basically going to have to break it all down. But just to see here, You got your seven regular strands. There's your monofilament fishing line, your wire and your jute Portage, And then all of this right here. So when you harvest it, obviously you want to rebundle this stuff up, put it in a pack. You don't want to waste your resources fishing line. I do not know the specs on it as far as the test strength, but I can tell you that this is some pretty thick stuff. The copper wire, it's not the strongest. That's why we'll had some concerns about this actually being used or called snare wire. It probably, I mean, if you ever see some commercially made cable snares, they're pretty strong, pretty strong stuff, steel braided cable locking mechanisms. This isn't really going to do the trick, but I do like having it in there for two reasons. One, I used this when I made that for tiny fish beer just as an extra layer to wrap it around. And that just reinforced it that much better. I mean, there's a lot of things that you can do with this. It's only limited to your imagination. So basically just take the snare word out of your vocabulary and do not worry about that. Also the jute, I mean, Juice is almost stronger than the wire itself, but it's just waxed jute. So you'd have to break it down, fluff it up. So you can hit it with a spark, but again, it's cordage the inner strands. You're not breaking the inner strands with your, with your, with your hands, but I mean this some good thick, strong, braided inner strands. So there is a lot of useful cordage in this survivor cord. So if you just get the whole snare thing out of your head, it's just extra stuff. And it does make the overall pair cord stronger. As I noticed when I used it as a Ridge line for the base camp in a bag, when I cinched that up tight using that figure, figure nine, Cara Beener. I mean, it was like a guitar string type. So when you're using it and it's not broken down, it's just going to be way, way stronger pair cord. I would have absolutely no problem hanging myself using that for emergency hammock suspension, if I needed to. So take it for what it's worth. It's not that much more expensive than a regular 100 foot bundle of pair cord runs about 20 bucks. But for that, you've just got so much extra cordage in there. And the fishing line is a nice touch. The snare wire use that for fabrication. Don't forget about the snares overall. I personally like it, I'm personally going to keep using it. So, and I don't know if I mentioned this or not. Cause I had to do a couple of cuts, but I do like that the small touch that the pair cord comes with this Velcro wrap to keep the bundle all nice and tight. So, I mean, that comes with every bundle of pair cord that they make overall. I really liked the stuff. So some of you might not be that into it, or you might say, ah, well, I can't pull it out one at a time or the snare is not good enough. A lot of the stuff that I see people using survival kits for snare wire, isn't good enough. It really takes some pretty strong stuff real overall. It's just, it's just a thicker, more robust pair cord. I like it links for the website or in the description box below and they primarily sell on Amazon. So of course it is in my store. It's in the corded section on page one and you'll see me use this stuff some more, even when I'm actually doing tasks with it out in the field, I'm not going to do a whole bunch of stuff for this video. I just want to basically make you aware that this product exists and that I personally like it. So there you go, Chris, from prepare my one-on-one. Thanks for watching check all the links in the description box below and I'll see you next time.