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TACAMO H2 ARC Lighter Review

A YouTube review of TITAN Survival's TACAMO H2 ARC Lighter, by Big Red EDC.


Hey, everybody. Welcome back to big red EDC. Today. We're going to be talking about something that a little bit different for the channel. I haven't talked about it a whole lot, but as well, let's a lighter and EDC lighter. Now I know some people pretty much habit, whether they smoke or they don't keep a lighter on them as part of their EDCs, whether it's a Zippo or, you know, you're playing Jane BIC lighter or something like that. Well, this one is a little bit different. The folks over at tightened survival asked me to help them announce that they are going to be carrying the TAC ammo H two plasma arc glider on their website starting today, October 1st. So in true Titan survival fashion, they sent me one to test checkout and one to give away. Well, you know how I usually do things. I'm going to end up giving them both away. So stay tuned. The end of the video, find out exactly how you may get a chance to win. One of the two lighters they provided just to here's the, just a little hint. There's a little bit more than just the lighter in the giveaway, but let's zoom out. We'll take a look at the tech demo. Each to my nightstand kind of help me out there a bit. It comes in this nice box. Now she can see there. You've got bright orange, which is good. If you're going to have this out in the woods with you, because if you drop it, man, I do not think you're going to lose this thing. Nice, bright orange. Now you've got kind of a, a rubberized plastic case. There it's a plastic case, but it's kind of just a light rubberized coating on it. Got safety latch there, help keep it shut, push to open. And there it is. There's your H to our glider. You got four, you got the four prongs ceramic electrodes push button operation right here. [inaudible]. Now that arc create 2000 degrees of heat. So man, you should be able to light something up with that thing. Holy cow. And yes, indeed. You can. You got to, oops, sorry about that. I just show you their micro USB rechargeable. It's got a lithium ion battery in it and according to Takoma, it's good for 300 charges. No, once it's good For 300 charges. Once you've got a charge, it says it takes it just about just less than two hours to fully charge. You will have 98, second lights out of it. At least 90. It says 90 plus. So 90 times you're able to push that button down, hold it for eight seconds and you should get at least 98 second lights out of it. Well, that's not too bad now, obviously with that arc, it is windproof Takoma, boast waterproof, as long as it's closed. And the safety latches on couple of safety features on it. It's got a ten second auto shut off and then there's overcharge and over current protection while charging let's you know what let's test out the auto shutoff show one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Wow. It went off at seven or right about eight. So definitely does have an auto shut off. Wasn't quite 10 seconds as I was counting, but who knows? I could have been counting slow now. Not only do you get the lighter, but lighter, it also has an led flashlight on it. Single led there's your push button. It has three modes, high, low, and strobe That is high off, low off stroke. So there's your three modes of operation. Now in checking out this later, I could not find any the lumen information to tell me how many lumens are in high mode. How many lumens are in low node? So it pretty much looks like high end strobe are the same to me, but they could be different, but they look the same. So I'm not exactly sure how many lumens are in high and low mode says the flashlight lasts for about an hour and a half on a charge. So if you've got a fully charged and just use and that didn't specify low or high, so I would probably go with low that would, I always, you know, air to the side of caution. So I'd say an hour and a half in low mode. It could be high mode though. Now Takoma products come with a lifetime guarantee. So that's a definite plus. Now, one thing for me, both Takoma and tightened survival are veteran owned, veteran operated companies, which excuse me, if you've been with the channel for any like the time, you know, that pretty much resonates with me. So now not only do you get the lighter, but, but wait, there's more, You gotta have a way to charge it. Of course. Right? So you get a charging cable and you get this pretty cool pace, counter somebody, trekkers hikers for counting your paces. Now the piece counter is made at these black beads, of course, but this is made out of tightened survivals, patented survivor cord, which is, if you don't know, it's kind of like pair cord on steroids. You got your regular seven strands of prayer cord. You also have a strand of Marlin monofilament fishing line. You have a strand over waxed jute for fire starting fire Tinder. And you also have a snare wire, a brass snare wire in survivor cord. So that's pretty cool. Kind of get a little extra bonus for your buy. Now I said these go on sale today, October 1st now in, in talking with, uh, my contact at tightened survival, Emily she's awesome. I asked what the retail price was going to be. And she told me that she didn't have an exact retail price yet, but she said it would be two to $3 less than what they sell on Amazon for. So if you look on Amazon, they sell for right about 30 bucks, 29 99. So that tells me tightened survival is going to sell them for 27, $28. So not too bad, not too bad for that type of lighter. Fewless flameless I'm I'm, I'm kind of digging it. I'm on board with it. Now. I said there was two of them didn't I? All right. Well, there's that one? That's the one I opened in test. I am going to, I am going to give this one away also, cause that's just, that's just kinda what I do. You guys know that? So The giveaway there's going to be two Takoma, our gliders. So I think the way I'm going to do this is the first name drawn will win the brand new unopened one. And the second name drawn will win the one that I've opened and checked out. Great lighter didn't misuse. It just checked it out, tested it out, started some stuff on fire. You know what kids do, right? But I also said there was going to be a little bit more so tightened survival, generously donated these lighters to the channel for me to give away and to tell you about their new item in the web, on the website. Well, I decided to go ahead and throw in a couple of things, Got a Titan survival emergency blanket, pretty much your standard emergency blanket, And One of these awesome tightened survival key chains made again with their patented survivor cord, but you also get a fair run and you know, it's got that pretty cool HK clip on it, which I really liked the HK clips. So there will be one of those for each package. So we'll just kind of do it like that and yes, inside this lighter, well, I'm really hoping because it's an open, pretty sure there's a pace counter and the charging cable in there as well. But I'm going to leave that one fresh and unopened. And I will tell you that this did come fully charged. Well, it came with a charge. I should say that it came with a charge already on it. So it was working right out of the box. So I have no reason to believe that this one would not either, but you may have to charge it. So the giveaway today's October 1st, right? Okay. We're going to let this run till 1159 on Friday, October 4th. That's when it will close. So roughly three and a half days and I will do the drawing Saturday morning, Buddha, October 5th. I almost said September. Then I almost said August. I'm going back in time. Whew. October 5th, Saturday morning. I'll do the drawing and announce the winners. The rules standard rules apply guys. Hey, let me know what you think in the comment of the tack of my lighter, the, our glider. Give me your basic. I did get, I don't dig it. If you don't dig it and you might not want in it. I went in on the giveaway unless you really want a key chain and survival blanket, but Hey, that's your choice. Yeah. Let me Know what you think about the lighter, uh, you know, like comment, be a subscriber, uh, share it. That would be great. I would greatly appreciate it. That is not a condition to when you don't have to share it to win, but I would greatly appreciate it. Uh, like I said, let it run until 1159 on October 4th And Let's see, 18 years old. It's open to anyone. So let's have some fun guys. Leave your comment below. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks again to my good friends at Titan survival for giving me the opportunity to give away a couple of their brand new products in their store, the [inaudible] art glider, and then some other cool stuff that I added to the giveaway does always guys, thank you very much for spending some time with me. Make sure you get in on the giveaway as always like subscribe. Leave me a comment guys. You know, I love talking to you until next time. I'll talk to you later guys. Bye-bye.