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A Bug-Out Bag is usually a backpack, typically prepared in advance, with enough essential supplies to help you survive at least 72 hours away from home in an emergency or mandatory evacuation.  The most common places to store this bag, once prepared, is in your home, vehicle, office, storage unit, or even a survival cache. CLICK HERE FOR A DOWNLOADABLE PDF CHECKLIST BAG CONTENTS Container - You will want to use a large backpack for your Bug-Out Bag so that you can store all of your supplies for 72 hours in 1 place.  A smaller bag typically means less resources,...

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Author, pilot, conservationist & international bodyguard instructor Gary Albyn tells TITAN Survival a bit about his most recent release, TEOTWAWKI SURVIVAL—BUILDING A BUG-OUT-BAG FOR THE TRANSITION.  Learning how to survive in the African bush was an important aspect of my Air Force pilot training program—and my course mates and I were fortunate enough to be taught by the best. Pete Clements was one of the founding members of the legendary Selous Scouts. Highly regarded in contemporary military circles, many of the Selous Scouts' tactics are still emulated by Special Force units around the globe. One of the first things Clements...

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