Disassembling SurvivorCord Keychains

Our patented SurvivorCord is designed to be an emergency resource for fishing line, multi-purpose wire, and fire tinder - and our SurvivorCord Keychains are designed to be functional while at the same time giving you an emergency cache of 6 feet of each of these materials.

So If you ever get into a situation where you need these resources, you can unravel or disassemble the SurvivorCord Keychain by following these steps:

  1. Turn the keychain onto the non-branded side, and locate the two strands of cordage that are wrapped around the key-ring.

Non-Branded Side

  1. The end of the SurvivorCord is the last weave on the bottom-right end of the keychain, and is tucked into the center of the keychain, about 1 inch in.

SurvivorCord End

  1. Pull this strand firmly, and the end of the SurvivorCord will slide out and you can begin disassembling the keychain.

SurvivorCord End Shown