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Discover how to make a lion heart sinnet paracord bracelet in this video presented by Tying It All Together (TIAT). Inspired by a focus on the edges of ties, rather than their central structures, the Lion Heart paracord bracelet is yet another example of the vast design opportunities Fusion Knotting provides. For this project you will need one 4’ section of paracord and one 6’ long section. The first thing to do is make the overhand knot loop. Beginning at the middle of the two cords, with the short cord on top, cross the ends of the short cord over...

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Discover how to make the Hex Nut paracord bracelet in this instructional video presented by Bored Paracord. Create a bracelet design unlike any other, that your friends will be envious of. For this project you will need a 15’ section of 550 cord, a smaller 4’ section of paracord with paracord needles attached to the end, a ¾” plastic buckle, and 10 to 12 - 5/16th hex nuts. Once you have cut your lengths of paracord, melt the ends closed. This will prevent them from fraying and make them easier to work with. To begin making the bracelet, take the...

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