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Video Overview In this video you will discover the versatility of creating a multi-purpose paracord survival sling. A multi-purpose paracord survival sling can be used to carry knifes, machetes, rifles, or even positioned in a way to carry a satchel. Creating a multi-purpose paracord survival sling will give you many carrying options while out in the wilderness. You can use a multi-purpose paracord survival sling to carry knives, machetes, rifles, satchels, pace beads, compasses, and anything you can attach to the sling. The most basic paracord survival sling is made up of a single cobra stitch, and will be the...

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550 cord, 550 paracord, bow, diy, parachute cord, paracord, sling -

In this video presented by BowHunter4E, you'll learn how to create a bow sling made from 550 paracord. Why spend twenty plus dollars on a pre-made bow sling when you can create your own paracord bow sling for under five dollars? Your paracord bow sling will be unique and will work just as well as a pre-made bow sling sold at an outdoor supply store. This article will lay out step by step how to create your own 550 paracord bow sling. The bow sling will consist of a diamond braid and cobra weave. You will need scissors, a razor...

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