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Video Overview In this video by Montactical you will learn how to create fishing line using paracord. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can create fishing line using paracord to fish for food. This video will show you how to create fishing line using paracord and ideas on how to deploy it. If you find yourself lost and in an emergency situation, your main focus should be on shelter, food, and fire. It is a known fact that most people that get lost are found within 24 hours if the stay in one place. However, sometimes people...

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Quick Video Summary This video is a simple tutorial on how to create a fish stringer with a paracord, helping you to have even more fun on your fishing trip! How to Create a Fish Stringer with a Paracord So it is a casual weekend and you go fishing with your son. You have caught a lot of fish, and you realize you forgot to bring your ice bucket. What do you do? It is simple as ever. You create a fish stringer with a paracord! It is definitely the simplest thing one could ever do. All it requires is...

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