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Learn how to make an Emergency Tourniquet using paracord, in this educational video. If you get wounded in the wilderness and need to stop blood flow, make a quick and effective emergency tourniquet. No matter how careful you are, accidents and animal attacks can, and do, happen in the wilderness. If you find yourself in a situation where bleeding does not stop on its own, your only hope is a tourniquet. Tourniquets should only be used in a situation where the person has the potential of bleeding to death. You do not want to unnecessarily cut circulation off to a...

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550 cord, 550 paracord, diy, emergency, parachute cord, paracord, sewing, thread, TITAN -

Learn how to turn parachute cord into emergency sewing thread in this video by Hard Corps Travel. In the case of an emergency turn paracord into emergency sewing thread.  You never know when you find yourself in an emergency situation and need to sew a piece of clothing or worse stitch up a wound. If you have paracord, like you should when exploring the wilderness, then you can turn the paracord into emergency sewing thread. To make sewing thread, cut one end of the paracord and pull out your desired length of inner threads and cut free. Each inner thread is...

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