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Making A Paracord EDC Backpack Grab Handle

Learn how to make a paracord handle for your EDC bag in this video presented by Mr. Coop. Learn how to make a paracord handle for your EDC bag, and you will never be without a handle again.

Those who carry an EDC bag, or any bag for that matter, know that the handle will eventually get grimy or worn. With the EDC bag you can simply make a new handle using paracord. The paracord handle for your EDC bag is a simple and effective strategy to dealing with grimy or worn handles. Not only will you have a super strong handle, but you will also have some paracord at your dispose in the case of an emergency.

This article is going to discuss how to make a paracord handle for your EDC bag. You can make your paracord handle with one color or two. If using two colors you will need the cords to be the same length and attached together. To attach the two cords together, simply melt the ends and stick them to one another. The amount of parachute cord you will need depends on how much handle you are going to have. It is always best to start with a large amount of cord.

This handle will be created on the plastic loops on the front of your EDC bag. Start by attaching the paracord to one of the loops using a cow hitch. If you are using two colors, make sure the part where you melted them together is in the middle of the cow hitch where it will be hidden. Next take the free ends and run the through the other plastic loop.

Adjust the handle how you would like it and secure the free ends in place with a cobra knot. To make a cobra knot, take the left working cord over the top of the two inner cords leaving a loop where it bends on the left side. Then take the right cord over the end of the left cord, then behind the two inner cords and finally through the loop on the left side. Pull on the both working cord ends to tighten the knot to the plastic loop. 

Make the cobra knot repeatedly until you reach the other end. Starting with the same cord each time you create a knot. The cord will switch sides with each cobra knot that is made. Once you reach the other plastic loop, simply continue the cobra knot in reverse over the top of the first cobra knot braid. This will create what is called the king cobra. Once you get back to the plastic loop that you started from, simply cut the remaining paracord and burn the ends into the handle.

That’s it! Your EDC bag is now ready to go with its new handle.

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Elisia Thompson

Elisia Thompson

June 05, 2019

I needed handles for our dog’s large crate. Your excellent tutorial ended my search. Thanks for taking you time to share your expertise on the net.

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