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Otterbox Case Repair with Paracord

Learn how to repair your Otterbox with paracord in this video by Sean. Otterbox case repair with paracord is a simple and effective solution when the belt clip breaks on your Otterbox .

One of the most common complaints when it comes to the Otterbox phone case is that the belt clip gets caught and breaks, rendering the accessory useless. To solve this, at least until your replacement comes, you can make your own “belt clip” using TITAN WarriorCord or TITAN SurvivorCord.

You will need your Otterbox case with the broken clip, a pair of side cutters, a pencil, a lighter, a tape measure, a small framing square, a drill with a 11/64” drill bit, your belt, and a piece of paracord that is about 30” long. The first thing to do is take the side cutters and remove the remaining pieces of the broken belt clip.

For a 3 1/4” Otterbox and a 1 1/2” belt, measure in 1 5/8” in from the outside, this should mark the middle of the otter box. Then measure 1” towards the outside of the Otterbox , both ways off of the center mark and 1 1/2” in from the end, and mark both spots with your pencil. Do this on both sides of the Otterbox. Use the small framing square to draw lines between all the marks you have made. Each place where the lines cross is where you will drill each of the four holes.

Next, measure 1/2” in towards the center long ways from one marking on each end of the Otterbox, and mark with your pencil. This will make the last two marks for the drill holes. Take the drill with the 11/64” drill bit and drill holes through the four places where the lines cross and the last two marks that you made. Once you get all six holes drilled, clean the plastic shavings away.

Now take your paracord and put it through the right hole of the last two holes you marked in the beginning from the backside of the Otterbox. Pull it most of the way through and tie a tight overhand knot to prevent it from going all the way through the hole. Bring the paracord through the hole to the right of the previous hole working towards you.

Then work the paracord through the top hole directly above the hole you just came through, working from the backside of the Otterbox to the front. Work the paracord across the top on the inside to the hole on the top left side, from the front side of the Otterbox to the back. Work the paracord through the hole on the bottom left side and then through the last hole on the bottom. Your working end should end up facing towards you.

Put your belt through the loops you have just created and take the working end and pull it snug on the belt but not to snug. You want to be able to comfortably insert and remove the belt. Create an overhand knot on the tag end so that it is directly against the otter box. Cut the remaining and melt the end to the knot to prevent it from ever coming undone. That’s it! Your once useless Otterbox has now become functional again!   

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