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SurvivorCord is our original patented MIL-STYLE paracord with three potentially life-saving internal strands added: Fishing line, waterproof fire-starter, and multi-purpose utility wire.

SurvivorCord XT is SurvivorCord...but better! Built for Bushcraft, this latest incarnation of our patented paracord upgrades the internal survival strands for better outdoor recreational utility.

Elastic ShockCord has 100% stretch, a tensile strength of ~100 LBS, and is ideal for creating bungee cords and securing or tethering items to your equipment or vehicles.

Looking for BULK cordage? This shortcut takes you to all of your favorite TITAN Survival cordage in 500 and 1,000 foot spools.

These accessories are specifically designed by us to either work well with SurvivorCord in crafts or projects, or are made from SurvivorCord and can be used in an emergency.

SurvivorCord is patented and guaranteed for life!

In an emergency, Fire can mean Life! Make sure you're prepared.

Essential survival gear, designed to protect you from the elements in emergencies.

Monkey Fist Practice Bola

Discover how to make a 1-Inch monkey’s fist practice bola with paracord. Practice for rope knife throwing by making a triple-monkey’s fist practice bola with paracord.

To begin making the monkey’s fist, hold the paracord five inches from one end. Create a vertical tie by wrapping the cord three times around your fingers, making sure not to overlap the cords. Hold the wrap in place and make a horizontal tie by wrapping the cord around the vertical tie three times.

The horizontal tie divides the rope circle into two sections. Pass the paracord through the top section. Now create an inner vertical tie by wrapping the paracord two times around the horizontal tie. Tie a knot at the end of the paracord.

There should be a small enclosed space between the inner vertical tie and the horizontal tie. Work the knot at the end of the paracord into this space in the direction of the inner vertical tie. Tighten the monkey’s fist. Repeat this process to create a monkey’s fist on the on the other end of paracord. Make a third monkey’s fist on a separate length of paracord. 

Fold the first two monkey’s fist in half and hold in place. Put all three fists together and tie a sheet bend knit at the fold with the loose end of the single monkey’s fist. Adjust so the monkey’s fists are all the same length. Tighten the knot, trim the excess cordage, and melt the end into the knot.

Hold at the knot for practicing with your triple monkey’s fist bola. Have fun!

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May 06, 2021

Thank you was very inspiring and love to see more videos on how to do the fininsh product.



June 05, 2019

Would love to see a visual on this.

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