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SurvivorCord is our original patented MIL-STYLE paracord with three potentially life-saving internal strands added: Fishing line, waterproof fire-starter, and multi-purpose utility wire.

SurvivorCord XT is SurvivorCord...but better! Built for Bushcraft, this latest incarnation of our patented paracord upgrades the internal survival strands for better outdoor recreational utility.

Elastic ShockCord has 100% stretch, a tensile strength of ~100 LBS, and is ideal for creating bungee cords and securing or tethering items to your equipment or vehicles.

Looking for BULK cordage? This shortcut takes you to all of your favorite TITAN Survival cordage in 500 and 1,000 foot spools.

These accessories are specifically designed by us to either work well with SurvivorCord in crafts or projects, or are made from SurvivorCord and can be used in an emergency.

SurvivorCord is patented and guaranteed for life!

In an emergency, Fire can mean Life! Make sure you're prepared.

Essential survival gear, designed to protect you from the elements in emergencies.

How to Stitch Two Sections of Paracord Together

Quick Video Summary

Learn how to stitch two sections of paracord together in this short video by This video will show you how to stitch two sections of paracord together in the most efficient way. Anyone who wants to learn how to stich two sections of paracord together, will appreciate this how to video using the Manny Method.

DIY Paracord Instructions

From paracord buddies to survival bracelets to dog collars to lanyards to snare traps, the craft ideas for paracord are endless. If you want to craft with scraps of paracord, chances are, you’re going to need to know how to stitch two sections of paracord together. There are multiple ways to stitch paracord together; however, this article will focus on how to stitch two sections of paracord together using the Manny Method.

To start, you will need two paracord fids and two sections of paracord that we will designate paracord one and paracord two. To begin you want to attach a fid onto one end on each of the sections of paracord. Next, you are going to need to hollow out about one inch of the ends without the fids. To do this you will need to pull out the white strands on the inside of the paracord about an inch and cut them off, this will allow the insides to suck in leaving a hollow end. Take the end of your paracord fid and put it into the now hollowed out end. Using a lighter, very slightly melt the edges to prevent fraying and remove the fid. Do this on both ends of paracord. You will end up with two pieces of paracord with a fid on one end and a hollowed end on the other.

Next, to stitch the paracord together, take the fid on paracord 1 and to the end of paracord two, poke the tip of the fid into the paracord about a quarter inch down from the end. You will be poking the fid up towards hole in the end. Pull the fid through the hole at the end until there are a few inches of the paracord through the hole. Do the same with the fid on paracord two and the hollow end on paracord one. You should now have two interlocked sections. To complete the stitch, pull the paracord fids into opposite directions until the interlocked sections come together.

That’s it! You have just learned how to stitch two sections of paracord together.

Happy paracord stitching!