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Making A Slip Knot Guitar Strap

In this tutorial presented by Tying It All Together, you'll discover how to make a slip knot guitar strap out of parachute cord. Just follow along and soon you' have your very own unique slip knot guitar strap.

For this project you will need one 60’ length of paracord, and one 40’ length of paracord. Either SurvivorCord or WarriorCord are suitable. Beginning at the middle of the two cords, with the short cord above the long cord, but not overlapping, cross the ends of the short cord over the long cord. The long cord should be going through the center of the loop you just created with the short cord.

Cross the long cords over the cross of the short cords, but perpendicular to the short cords. At this point you should have a loop at the top that was created by the first cord. Make it so the loop is facing you with its working ends on the left and right, to the outside of the long cords. Secure the loop in place with a Solomon bar knot using the short cord working ends.

The next thing to do is make the slip knot strap. To begin, flip the work over so that the loop is facing down. With the long cords in the middle flowing vertically, take the right short cord and make a loop by twisting the cord over itself next to the Solomon bar knot. Then create a bite to the right of the loop and stick it through the first loop about ½”. Carefully tighten the first loop down onto the second, keeping all the cords from twisting.

Then take the right long cord and work it through the loop on the right side. Then tighten the loop down on the right long cord. Create a loop with the long right cord by twisting it over itself. Create a bite to the right of the loop on the same cord and work it through the loop about ½”.

Now work the long left cord through the loop on the right and synch the loop down.  At this point, all the cords except for the short left cord should be flowing towards the right. Now, create a loop on the long left cord by twisting it over itself. Make a bite on the same cord to the right of the loop and work it through the loop about ½”. Synch the previous loop down onto the new loop.

Work the short left cord through the loop and synch the loop down onto the cord. All of the cords should be flowing to the right at this point. Flip the work so that all of the cords are flowing to the left, and repeat the whole process starting with the right short cord. Continue until you have about 3 1/2’ of strap.

Create three Solomon bar knots to lock the ends in place. To make the Solomon bar knot, create a loop with the right short cord by crossing the end over the long center cords towards the left. Then take the left short cord and cross it over the right cord, behind the center cords and then through the loop on the right side from back to front.

Make three Solomon bar knots alternating starting sides with each pass. So for the second Solomon bar knot you would make the loop on the left side. Cut the remaining ends of the short cords and melt them into the Solomon bar knot. Fit the strap to your guitar and then cut the excess from the remaining cordage. That’s it! Your slip knot guitar strap is now complete and ready for use.

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