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How To Make a Rattlesnake Knot Paracord Key Fob

Discover how to make a rattlesnake knot key fob using paracord in this video presented by Tying It All Together (TIAT). You create your own unique rattlesnake knot key with our high-quality SurvivorCord or WarriorCord.

All you will need for this quick project is a 5’ section of paracord of any color. Fold the length of paracord in half.

Bring the cord running along the backside around the cord on the front side and through the loop created by the center point. The cord should be facing away from you towards the backside. Take the same cord around the end of the cord that runs along the front side and under the left cord of the loop, over the right cord of the loop, and then behind the loop towards the left side. Bring the cord around the left cord of the loop, through the loop towards the back and left side.

Repeat the same process working down the length of paracord. Once you make your last knot bring the working end through the remaining loop and tighten by pulling on the top loop. This creates a place to attach your key chain. All that is left is to create a diamond knot with the remaining ends.

To make a diamond knot, take the right cord and create a circle, with the tail end behind the circle. Take the left cord and make an upside down loop, taking the tail end up, over, and behind the right cord’s tail end. Then put the tail end of the left cord through the front of the hole created by the right cord, and then through the backside of the loop created by the left cord, and back through the circle made by the right cord.

Take the left cord’s end and working from front to back, put the end through the opening where the right cord crosses. Take the right cord and working from back to front put the end through the same opening. Pull the down knot tight and firm, and then cut and singe the remaining ends as close to the knot as possible. And that’s it! You just made your own rattlesnake knot key fob using paracord.

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