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How to Create Your Own Paracord Backpack Strap

In this video presented by TheWilderness333 you will discover one of the reasons to create a paracord backpack strap. Reinforce existing straps by learning how to create a paracord backpack strap. Create a parachute cord backpack strap to personalize your pack.

Do you have a shoulder sling backpack that you love but wish it had a separate strap for carrying short distances? Trying to put the single sling strap over one shoulder is uncomfortable and awkward. Solve this inconvenience by creating a paracord backpack strap. This article will layout the cobra weave which will be used  to create a new backpack strap, however the same technique can be used to weave onto an existing strap or handle to give it extra strength. It looks pretty cool too.

The amount of paracord you will need depends on the length of your strap. To creating a new strap you will need two lengths of paracord. One length that is long enough that it can be folded in half and tied to both the top and bottom of the backpack, and one length for the weave itself. A general rule of thumb is that you will need 1’ of cord for every 1” of finished weave.  To make things simple, put a carabiner at both ends where the strap will connect to the backpack. This will also allow it to be removed quickly.

To make a new backpack strap, take a length of paracord and fold in in half. Create a simple looped overhand knot on each end. Attach each end to a carabiner, and attach the carabiners to the backpack. This will create the skeleton of the cobra weave. Center your second piece of paracord under and perpendicular to the cords attached to the carabiners. You want to be at the very top, and as close to the carabiner as possible, with equal lengths of paracord on each side.

Start the cobra weave by taking the left cord over the two center cords, and under the right cord. Bring the right cord through the loop created on the left side from behind, pulling the cord all the way through to the other side. Tighten the weave down to the carabiner. Repeat the process except for this time start on the right side. Continue the weave down to the other carabiner and attaching it with the final weave. Cut the remaining ends of paracord and melt them into the weave.

That’s it! It really is that simple. If you want to create the cobra weave on an existing strap, just treat the strap as the inner cords. You can attach carabiners along the strap for attaching a water bottle or you can attach things like pace beads and decorations directly to the weave.

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