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How to Wrap a Cordage or Paracord Fast Rope Bundle

Learn how to wrap cordage or paracord into a Fast Rope Bundle, in this video by Wheelie Pete. A fast rope bundle makes it easy to store and unwrap your 550 cord without any tangles or knots.

Wrapping a cordage or paracord fast rope bundle is excellent for neatly storing paracord and for quick access without having to deal with tangles and knots. This article will discuss how to wrap a cordage or paracord fast rope bundle.

To make a paracord fast rope bundle you only need about 20’ of cordage. You could do it with less cordage if you really wanted to. To start tie a loop on one of the free ends of your cordage. Hold the loop with your thumb, palm facing towards you, and run the cord down to your pinky, working the cord under your pinky. Bring the cord around your pinky and work to your index finger, working the cord over you’re the two middle fingers and under the index finger. Keep the cordage at the tip of your fingers, but not so far up that it slips off.

Now create a figure-eight between your index and pinky finger with each successive wrap being just below the last. Keep creating the figure eight until you run out of rope. Once you are done with the figure-eight, slip the bundle off of your finger and pinch it together. Then wrap the working end around the center side-by-side down the bundle five or six times or until your satisfied.

Once you run out of paracord, loosen the last wrap and make a couple wraps around it with the remaining end and pull tight. And that’s it, super simple, quick, and practical.

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