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TITAN SurvivorCord is the ultimate paracord replacement. This is a 7 foot sample of our exclusive paracord which integrates 3 potentially life-saving survival strands into our popular high-performance MIL-SPEC 550 paracord:

  • FISHING LINE - Includes a single transparent, 25 lb test, high strength mono-filament fishing line
  • WAXED JUTE - Proprietary waterproof twisted fiber strands are designed to quickly start fires in an emergency. This is the best fire-starting strand on the market.  Even in a downpour, a couple sparks starts the fire right up.
  • SNARE WIRE - This 30 AWG alloy is strong, conductive, and non-magnetic. Perfect for small snares, conductive wire, antennae, and other ingenious survival ideas.

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