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Wrap an Axe Handle with Paracord

Wrapping an Axe Handle with paracord is simple and an effective solution for protecting the handle. Learn the technique in this video by Spartan Johns.

Many people who use and axe will notice that when then miss a swing it hits the handle just below the axe head. To prevent your axe handle from getting damaged, simply wrap it in paracord. You do not need to wrap the entire handle, you can if you want to, but it is not necessary.

The process is very simple. To determine how much TITAN WarriorCord or TITAN SurvivorCord you are going to need, do a quick pre-wrap over the length you want the wrap to be. Add a couple of inches to it and cut the length off. Fold the end over so that it is as long as you want the wrap to be and lay it onto to the handle length wise.

Hold both the long and short cords in place on the axe with one of your hands. Take the long cord and begin to wrap it around the axe handle over the short cord just under your hand that is holding them in place. Continue making wraps working your way up towards the axe head. You want the wraps to be really tight to keep them from moving.

The wraps should not be overlapping but should be side-by-side, as close as possible to each other without overlapping. Once you get to the top of your axe handle, work your last wrap through the loop that was created at the beginning and tightly hold it in place. Tighten the loop by pulling on the short cord that is now underneath of the wraps until the last wrap you made is slightly underneath of the previous wraps. You will really have to pull because of how tight the wraps are.

All that you need to do now is cut the remaining ends and melt them to prevent fray.  That’s really all there is to paracord wrapping of an axe handle.

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