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How to Wrap a Paddle with Paracord

Learn how to wrap a paddle with paracord in this instructional video presented by ITS Tactical. Why have plain old paddles when you can wrap the handles with paracord? This video will teach you how to wrap a paddle handle with paracord using spiral hitching and two Turks heads.

You will need one 14’ section and two 4’ sections of SurvivorCord or WarriorCord, a small paddle, scissors, a lighter, and a marlins spike.  The 14’ section of paracord will be used for the spiral hitching and the 4’ sections will be used to make the Turks head for each end of the handle. The marlins spike will help loosen the cord so you can pass under it when making the Turks head.

The first step is to start with a clove hitch. Placing one end of the paracord around the top of the handle, work the end across itself, around the handle again, and the under the line under itself where it crosses. Pull the ends to tighten the hitch.

Next is to create the spiral hitching along the length of the handle. Create a bite on the right side of the paddle. Bring the working end around the back of the paddle and then through the bite. Pull tight and push up towards the clove hitch. Continue this process making it as tight as you can until you reach the bottom of the handle. Once you reach the bottom of the handle, trim the excess cordage from both ends and melt the remaining ends into the wrap. 

Now create the Turks head for each end of the handle. Taking the end of a 4’ section of paracord, place  it on the top of the handle slightly overlapping the spiral hitching. Hold the cord in place with your thumb. Take the working end and wrap it around the handle crossing the standing line held by your thumb. Make sure the standing line is centered as you are crossing it with the working end.

Make another wrap around the handle, crossing under the standing line towards the right. Cross the left cord over the right cord just above where you crossed under the standing line. Take the working end and work it through the hole under the left cord (previously the right). Pull the paracord all the way through. It should be fairly tight on the handle in the position you want it.

Repeat the same process of crossing the left cord over the right, but putting the working end under the right cord, rather than the left. It should be obvious which direction the work is flowing in. Cross the lines between the starting and working end, left over right. Work the starting end (also the standing line) under the left line and through the hole created by crossing the lines. Take the working end through the hole and ender the left cord.

Continue the work by following the cord that flows in the same direction as your working cord. You will need your marlins spike to work the cord through, as it will be fairly tight on the handle. Alternatively you could use a paracord needle attached to the working end.

Make a third wrap around the work following the same path. At the end of the third wrap, cut the remaining cord on both the starting and working ends and melt them into the Turks head. To finish it up, repeat the same process on the other end of the handle.

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