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Making an Old-Fashioned Tree Swing Using Paracord

Learn how to make an old-fashioned tree swing using paracord through this instructional video provide by Lowes. Why buy a tree swing when you can make an old-fashioned tree swing using paracord within an hour?

You will need a 1x8 hardwood board at least 44” in length, SurvivorCord or WarriorCord (length will vary with the height of the tree branch), carpenters glue, masking tape, a lighter, sandpaper, and a variety of common hand tools.

Start by cutting the hardwood board into equal lengths of 22”. Apply the carpenters glue to one side of each of the boards. Spread the glue evenly with a putty knife and clamp the two boards together for at least 20 minutes. Overnight is best.

Unclamp the boards and using a small sander, round the corners of the board. Then, using a spade bit that matches the diameter of the paracord, drill a hole in each corner of the board. The holes should be inset from the edges by at least 1”. Sand the wholes so they are smooth.

Next, measure the height of the tree branch that you will be attaching the swing to. Add an additional 4-5’ for attaching the paracord to the seat. Use the masking tape to mark where you need to cut the paracord. Once the paracord is cut, melt the ends to prevent fraying.  

Create a double bowline in the rope by making a “6” with the rope, then doubling by making a second “6” on top of the previous one. It should look like a double coil. Then pass the end of the rope through the center of the double coil, under the long cord, and back through the center of the coil. Pull the knot tight. You should have a loop on the end of your paracord.

Attach the rope to the tree by throwing the looped end over the branch and then putting the free und through the loop and tightening down to the branch. Almost like a slip knot. Repeat this process for the second paracord that will attach to the seat.

Feed the free end of one cord through one of the corners, and the other free end through the opposite corner. Pull each rope along the underside of the seat and work it up through the empty hole on the other side of the seat. Tie a single bowline knot about 8” above the seat to the cord attached to the tree on the same side of the seat.

Create a few half hitches above the bowline knot to get rid of the excess cordage. Your old-fashioned tree swing made with paracord is now ready for some fun.

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