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Tank Tracks Survival Bracelet

Learn how to make a DIY “tank tracks” paracord survival bracelet in this video by Bored Paracord. The DIY “tank tracks” paracord survival bracelet is a different pattern that is not commonly seen.

You will need two different colors of 550 cord that are about 10’ long each, a lighter, and a plastic buckle. The first thing to do is connect the two colors together by melting both ends and sticking them together. Also melt the remaining free ends to prevent fraying and make them easier to work with.

Now that you have all your materials, you are ready to start making your own “tank tracks” paracord survival bracelet. Start by attaching the paracord through on of the ends of the plastic buckle using a cow hitch. Then take the free ends and put them through the other end of the plastic buckle from underneath. This should create two loops, one of each color, attached to each end of the plastic buckle.

Take one of the ends and bring it back around and through the other end of the plastic buckle on the outside of the cow hitch. Do the same thing with the other free end, pulling the ends most of the way through. You should now have four loops, two of each color, and the working ends should be coming towards you.

Take the two ends of the plastic buckle and pull them away from each other straightening out the loops and adjusting them until they are to your desired size. With the end with the working ends on top, create a simple cobra knot to hold your lines in place against the buckle. Make sure it is nice and tight.

You should now have two cords of each color running between the ends of the buckle, and two cords, one of each color, on the outsides of the inner strands. The four inner strands will be referred to their number from left to right. All of the work on the backside will be done by the strand on the left side, and all the work on the front will be done with the strand on the right side.

To start the tank track pattern, take the left cord and work it behind the first three inner cords. Create a small loop, and stick it between the third and fourth inner strand. Then take the right cord and work it through the loop and pull all the way through. Once the right cord is all the way through the loop, pull the end of the left cord to tighten the loop down on cord. The left and right cords should both be facing towards the right.

Take the left cord and cross it over the right cord. Then create a loop with the left cord between the first and second inner cords. Now take the right cord and work it through the loop, pulling it all the way through and then pulling on the end of the loop to tighten it down on the cord.  You want to tighten and straighten all of your cords after each loop.

Both of the working cords should now be pulled to the right. Your left working cord should always be behind the work and your right working cord should always be in front of the work.

Now it just a matter of repeating the process of taking the left cord and wrapping it over the top of the right cord, creating a loop with the left cord and placing it between the  third and fourth inner cords, and then working the right cord through the loop.

Once you reach the other end of the bracelet and the work is snug against the plastic buckle, finish it off with a double Solomon’s knot. To make the Solomon’s knot. Take the right cord and make a loop over the top of the bracelet. Take the left strand and wrap it over the top of the right cord, and work it behind and to the left, and through the top of the loop created by the right cord. Make a second Solomon’s knot starting with the same cord, which should now be on the left.

Cut the remaining cord and melt the ends to the bracelet to keep it from coming undone, and that’s it your done and ready to wear your tank tracks paracord survival bracelet.

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