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Quick Video Summary This is a simple tutorial on creating a paracord survival bracelet. This bracelet can definitely see you through some tough times! Creating a Paracord Survival Bracelet Is this the first time you hear of a paracord survival bracelet? The concept sounds hard to believe? You doubt that something made by paracord could look cool enough to pull off as a bracelet? Well, be prepared to be amazed. Here is a guide to creating a paracord survival bracelet. This can help you get through an emergency where there is no other way to be safe. Creating a paracord...

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Discover how to make your own paracord snowman in this video by Paracord Princess. Tired of the same old paracord projects? Then try something new and make your own paracord snowman. For the body of the snowman you will need three foam balls of different sizes. A large 2” ball, a 1 ½” ball, and a 1” ball. You will also need a paracord needle at least 3” long, a pair of scissors, and a lighter.  Either SurvivorCord or WarriorCord can be used for this project. The first step is to create a monkey’s fist around all three foam balls. To make a monkeys...

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In this video presented by BowHunter4E, you'll learn how to create a bow sling made from 550 paracord. Why spend twenty plus dollars on a pre-made bow sling when you can create your own paracord bow sling for under five dollars? Your paracord bow sling will be unique and will work just as well as a pre-made bow sling sold at an outdoor supply store. This article will lay out step by step how to create your own 550 paracord bow sling. The bow sling will consist of a diamond braid and cobra weave. You will need scissors, a razor...

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