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How to Make a Tactical Maglite Strap Using Paracord

Learn how to make a tactical Maglite strap using paracord. A tactical Maglite strap using paracord allows you to have a free hand while still lighting the way.

If you have ever been frustrated while holding a flashlight with one hand and trying to do something with the other hand, then is this the solution for you. The tactical Maglite strap using 550 cord is a practical solution for the laymen and survivalist. All you need to get started is a mini Maglite with a ¾” split ring connected to the end, and a 6’ length of paracord.

Start by folding the paracord in half and creating a blood knot constrictor. To make the blood knot constrictor, start by wrapping the bend around the backside of the Maglite with the ends coming towards you. Take the right end and wrap it around the front to the back three times, ending on the same side as you started, with the end coming towards you. Take the right end and work it under the three wraps, starting at the bottom and working the paracord up towards the left side.

Now take the left side and put it under the three wraps working from the top to the bottom, working the end towards the left. The right side should now be facing up towards the left, and the left side should now be facing downwards to the right. Tighten and secure the knot in place by pulling on the ends and pushing the wraps up.

The next thing to do is create the zipper sinnet strap, which will attach to the split ring at the bottom of the Maglite. Make sure your running ends line up with the split ring. Holding the flashlight upside down, take the right side and create a loop at the point where the running end comes out of the wraps. Make the loop so that the running end is flowing behind the loop. Holding the loop in place with two fingers, take the left side and create a loop in which the ends are not crossing flush with where it comes out of the wraps. Push half of the left loop through the center of the right loop.

Now take the right running end and create a loop the same as you just did for the left side, and push the loop halfway through the loop previously made. Tighten down everything, leaving the last loop created in place. Repeat the processes until you reach the spit ring on the other end.

Once you reach the split ring, take the running end (the end opposite the last loop) and put it through the ring, working towards the back, and back around through the last loop and tightening down. The last thing left is to tie the two remaining ends into a double over-hand knot. Take both ends together and tie a knot twice, treating the two strands as one. Cut the remaining ends and singe them with a lighter to prevent fray, and that’s it, you’re done making a tactical Maglite strap using paracord.

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