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Paracord Tow Rope

See how this guy uses 550 paracord to tow his vehicle out of the ditch in this video. Get stuck and don’t have a tow rope, but do have some paracord? No problem, tow your vehicle with 550 paracord.

If you ever find yourself stuck in the ditch without a tow rope, it can be really frustrating. But if you have some paracord, you can substitute it in place of the tow rope to get yourself out of the ditch. This article will discuss how to tow your vehicle using TITAN WarriorCord or TITAN SurvivorCord.

The simplest way to do this is to clip a carabiner to the tow hook on both vehicles and then wrap the paracord around and through each carabiner as many times as possible until you have most of the slack out of the cord. You want to keep a good amount of space between the two vehicles, so if you have to you can tie pieces of paracord together using simple overhand knots to make a piece that is long enough to form several wraps around each carabiner while maintaining at least 5’ between the vehicles.

The more space you can get between the vehicles the better, but you still want to have several wraps of paracord around the carabiner, otherwise it will not have the strength to pull the vehicle from being stuck. Once the paracord is attached to the two vehicles it’s just a matter of taking it slow. You don’t want to do it too quickly or the vehicles could end up smashing into each other, especially if they are only a few feet apart.

Alternatively you could make your own tow rope using paracord and then always store it in your vehicle. While it will make an excellent tow rope, you could use it for a number of other uses in the case of an emergency. You can make a tow rope simply by braiding paracord to have a loop on both ends for attaching a carabiner, or you can get into more elaborate weaving patterns that use more paracord. The more paracord that is in a rope the more pulling strength it is going to have.

You can find many different techniques on this blog that can be incorporated into making a rope to tow your vehicle.

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