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Paracord Snowman

Discover how to make your own paracord snowman in this video by Paracord Princess. Tired of the same old paracord projects? Then try something new and make your own paracord snowman.

For the body of the snowman you will need three foam balls of different sizes. A large 2” ball, a 1 ½” ball, and a 1” ball. You will also need a paracord needle at least 3” long, a pair of scissors, and a lighter.  Either SurvivorCord or WarriorCord can be used for this project.

The first step is to create a monkey’s fist around all three foam balls. To make a monkeys fist around a foam ball, hold the end of your 550 cord on the ball and create vertical wraps around the ball. Wrap the cord around enough times to cover the top and bottom of the ball. Do not overlap the wraps. They should be flush with each other. Keep these wraps somewhat loose, you will be working under them later.

Start the horizontal wraps by forming a small loop at the bottom of the vertical loops with the working end. Hold the loop in place and wrap the cord horizontally around the vertical wrap enough times to cover the remaining sides of the foam ball. At the end of you last wrap, work the cord under the top of the vertical wrap, and then through the loop being held in place.

Start making a second set of vertical wraps going under the top of the vertical wraps and through the loop created at the beginning of the horizontal wrap. Work the slack out of the cords and tighten on the foam ball. Repeat this process on all of the foam balls.

Trim the excess cordage on both of the smaller balls, melt the ends and work them out of site. On the larger ball trim the starting cord the same as the smaller balls. Leave the working cord at least 1’ in length. This cord will be used to attach the balls together to form the snowman.

Attach the paracord needle to the working end on the 2” ball. Using the paracord needle work the needle to the center of the ball. Pull the paracord through and then using the paracord needle, pierce through the center of the ball and pull the paracord through to the other side.

Take the 1 ½” ball and make sure it is facing the same way as the 2” ball. Then using the paracord needle work the cord through the center of the ball. Repeat with the 1” ball. You can leave the extra cord on the top to hang it or you can cut the excess and work the remaining end out of site.

All you need to do now is decorate it with a face and some arms. You can glue things to it or use marker to draw on it. Decorate it however you please.

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