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How to Make a Paracord Snare Trap

Learn how to make a basic snare trap with parachute cord in this video presented by David with Ultimate Survival Tips. Know your basic survival skills and learn how to make a basic snare trap with paracord.

The first and most important thing to consider when setting a basic snare trap is location. The number one reason for failing to snare an animal is that people don’t take the time to scout out a proper location for the snare. If you fail to get this step right, your chances of catching something are pretty slim.

You should spend at least 10 to 15 minutes scouting out a good site. In many survival situations, especially in mountainous areas, your best option will be to try and catch a squirrel. Look for holes in trees and any trails that the squirrels may be traveling. Look for evidence of their presence at the base of trees, such as nut shells.

To make a basic snare trap with paracord you will need a stick that is about 1’ in length and 2” in diameter, some paracord, a knife, and an axe. Using the hatchet, make a point on the end of the stick so that it can be pounded into the ground.  An alternate option to standard paracord is to use the built in snare-wire, found inside the core of our patented SurvivorCord.

Take one strand out of the inside of the paracord that is about 1’ long. Using your knife make a notch on the top of one of the sticks to catch the paracord innards and keep it from moving around. Tie one of the ends to the stake and create a looped slip knot for the snare end. Pound the stick into the ground with the back end of the hatchet until the stick is secure and does not move when you pull on the cord. You want the stick at an angle in the direction away from the snare loop.

You want the snare loop to be open to about a fists width, a hands length away from the stick, and a hands width above the ground. Since you are using the inner strands of your paracord rather than wire, you will need to support the snare loop in position with small sticks.  Make sure the snare loop is positioned the middle of their trail.

Now all there is to do is wait and see. In a survival situation you will want to set up several snares to increase your chances of snaring a meal.

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