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Paracord Practice Bola

This video shows a simple guide on how to make a paracord Practice Bola that you can then add to your survival gear. It's a pretty simple process, but you definitely need this guide to help you through.

11 Step Guide to Make a Triple Monkey's Fist Practice Bola with a Paracord 

You need to follow this step by step guide to know how to tie the triple monkeys fist paracord practice bolas.

  1. Hold the paracord at five inches from one end.

  2. You need to tie the first monkeys fist. If you don’t know how to tie a monkeys fist, don’t worry. That is the point of the tutorial! To tie a monkey’s fist:

a.) Wrap the cord that you are holding three times around your fingers flatly. Make sure that one wrap doesn’t overlap another. Let us call it the vertical tie.

b.) Now hold the vertical tie, and tie the remaining rope three times around this vertical tie, in a horizontal direction. Let us call this the horizontal tie.

c.) The horizontal tie will divide the rope circle in two see-through sections. Pass the remaining rope through the top section.

d.) Now you need to wrap the rope two times on the horizontal tie. Let us call it the inner vertical tie.

e.) Tie the end of the rope into a knot.

f.) You will notice that a small enclosed space is created between the inner vertical tie and the horizontal tie. Slip the knot into this space by going into the direction of the two wraps you made in an inner vertical tie.

g.) Tighten the monkeys fist, by taking the extra length of rope in the reverse direction of the steps you did, to add it to the main length.

h.) Repeat step g.) again to ensure the tightness. Now you have a Monkey's Fist

  1. Now you have got one fist done, it is time to tie the next fist.

  2. Move five feet ahead on the rope from the monkeys fist. This ensures that the distance between two monkeys feet would be five feet.

  3. Tie another monkeys fist using step 1. a.) to 1. h.).

  4. Now you have a double monkeys fist. Let us move on the add the third one.

  5. Tie a third monkeys fist on another rope.

  6. Divide the other double monkeys fist in half length (without cutting). Hold at the point of division.

  7. Pass the lose end (the end which does not have a monkeys fist) of the third monkeys fist through the division, and tie a knot.

  8. Finally! You have got yourself a Triple Monkeys Fist Practice Bola. Hold through the knot and through the monkey fist practice bola. 

Enjoy the awesome tool that you've just created, and use the bolas on your next outdoor. Take proper care when you are using these practice bolas. Make sure you don’t injure somebody or cause an accident. Avoid using these bolas on things that might fall off and break.

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