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How To Make Your Own Paracord Pace-Counter

This video by ITS Tactical will show you how to make your own pace count beads using 550 paracord. They will also explain how to use your own pace count beads using 550 paracord. Making your own pace count beads using 550 paracord will help you track your distances traveled.

This article will lay out how to make your own pace count beads using nothing but 550 paracord and craft beads. You can use these pace count beads to track your distances traveled while out hiking or hunting. To utilize pace beads properly you will need to know your pace line by pacing out one hundred yards and knowing how many steps you have taken.

To make the pace count beads you will need a twenty six inch length of gutted paracord, one of the gut strands, and thirteen beads. You can use whatever kind of craft beads you like, as long as they fit snug on the paracord. After you cut your twenty six inch length of paracord, fuse the ends closed by melting with a lighter. Then find the midpoint of the paracord, fold it in half, line up the ends, flattening the two sides together. Once the paracord is flush tie the fused ends together using a simple over hand knot, pulling it tight and as close to the ends as possible.

Next take the gut strand and put it through the midpoint of the paracord, pull the gut into two equal sides lining its midpoint up with the midpoint of the paracord. Now thread the nine bottom beads onto the paracord starting at the ends of the gut strand. You can thread all your beads on at the same time by stacking them together on the gut line and pulling them onto the paracord at the same time.

Once you have all your bottom beads on, measure two fingers further and tie another over hand knot, making sure to keep your paracord flush. You will need to temporarily remove the gut strand to tie the over hand knot. Once you tie the knot replace the gut strand and put on your remaining four top beads using the same technique. After all the beads on, remove the gut strand, measure two fingers over, and tie the last overhand knot. That is all there is two it.

The bottom nine beads are each worth one hundred, and the top four beads are worth one thousand. You will move a bottom bead down for ever one hundred meters you walk. Once you get to one thousand meters you will move one top bead down and reset the bottom beads, doing this for every one thousand meters. Now you have the knowledge to track your own distances using pace beads.

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