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How To Tie A Paracord Lasso

In this instruction video by Iluvgtasan Tutorials, we show you how to tie a paracord lasso. Tying a paracord lasso is simple and the end result is a fun toy or a functional tool.

Tying a paracord lasso is very simple and the final product will give you hours of fun. The following will explain how to tie a paracord lasso.

Start by tying a simple knot at one of the ends of either SurvivorCord or WarriorCord, but to not tighten it all the way. You should have a loop with some left over cord at the end. Take the left over cord over the loop, around to the back of the first loop and then through the loop you have just made and tighten the knot. The cord should freely flow through the knot, similar to a slip knot.

Really, that’s all there is to tying a paracord lasso. Now give it a go and try to lasso your pets, a farm animal, or to make it real interesting your kid. Just make sure you don’t lasso your children around the neck. 

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