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Decorative Paracord Dragonfly (or Butterfly)

Learn how to make a decorative paracord Dragonfly in this instruction craft video from WhyKnot. Create a unique accessory and make a 3 minute paracord Dragonfly for your backpack or key ring.

For this project you will need about 40” of SurvivorCord or WarriorCord and two small pony beads, which will make up the eyes of the dragonfly. Once you get your length of paracord cut, melt the ends with a lighter and when it cools slightly roll the end with wet fingers. This will make the cored easier to work with and will prevent the ends from becoming frayed.

Start by folding the paracord in half. Then take the pony beads and slide them onto the paracord from the ends, and down to the half-way mark. Put one bead on each side about three inches down from the halfway mark. Position the work so that the beads are at the top and the 3” loop is at the bottom. You will be making a cobra weave down the 3” loop with the beads at the top.

To start making the cobra weave, take the left working end under the loop and over the right working end. Then take the right working end over the loop and through the circle that was created on the left side. Pull the weave tight with the beads above it. To make the next cobra weave repeat the same process as before, but this time starting with the right working end.  

After the second cobra weave you will want to make the wings of the dragonfly. Create a third cobra weave, but instead of pulling it tight, you will want to leave it loose. Make a fourth cobra weave that is also loose. Then take the loops of the third cobra weave and pull them out away from the work, making sure they are even to each other in length. This should tighten both the cobra knots. Push the weaves up tightly to finish your first set of wings.

Repeat the same process to make a second set of wings just below the first. Once you have completed the second set of wings, continue the normal cobra weave down to the bottom of the loop. You can go all the way or you can leave a small loop at the end for clipping things to. Once you reach the end of the loop, simply cut the remaining paracord and melt the ends into the last cobra weave.

That’s it! Your 3 minute paracord Dragonfly is finished. How easy was that?

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