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How To Make Paracord Blowgun Darts

Learn how to make paracord darts for a blow gun in this instructional video. You will never have to buy blow darts again when you learn how to make paracord darts for a blowgun.

Here you are, looking for a good time. So you grab your blow dart gun and suddenly realize that you have no blow darts. Well don’t fret! This article is going to discuss how you can make your own blow darts using 550 cord, a lighter, a push pin, and less than 5 minutes of time.

The first thing to do is take the piece of paracord and pull out the inner strands. A piece of paracord that is about 3” long is plenty long for this project, but you could play with different lengths to see how it affects flight.

Put the top of the needle or push pin in the un-frayed end, and using the lighter, melt the paracord to the top of the needle. You want some of the paracord to be melted to the needle itself as well.It may take a little practice to get the paracord onto the need so that it does not come off and the dart stays straight when you shoot it from the dart gun.

Once you get the paracord nice and evenly melted to the needle, take your fingers and pull the remaining end of paracord apart, fraying it out until you reach the top of the need where the paracord is melted to it. And that’s it, you’re done! You can do this using old shoe laces if for some reason you are out of paracord.

But in that case, you should probably order more paracord! ;)

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