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Paracord Bootlace Survival Kit

Learn how to create a paracord bootlace survival kit in this informational video by Common Sense Outdoors. Never worry with again with this 550 cord based survival kit in your boots.

Carry a paracord bootlace survival kit and you will never be without a survival kit again. This survival kit is made using the extra lace left after tying up your boots. For one paracord bootlace survival kit you will need 10’ braided fishing line, two size 12 barrel swivel with clip, two straws cut to 6 ½” long, three size 12 bait hooks, three size bb split shots, 6” piece of jute twine, two 3” long pieces of electrical tape, a needle, pliers, a piece of wire about 10” long, and a lighter.

To get started wrap the 10’ of braided fishing line around two of your fingers. Take one of the swivels, open the hook and slide it over the fishing line. Close the hook and set aside. Cut the ends off of your bootlace. If your bootlaces are not made from paracord, switch them out with the real stuff.

Once you have cut the ends from your laces, pull out about 6” of the inner strands and cut it off on each end. This will create a shell for inserting the straws. You do not want to pull out all of the strands, because in case of an emergency they could be used as fishing line, or for building a make-shift shelter.

Now take one of the straws and fold it in half over itself long ways. Crimp one of the ends down using pliers and melt it closed with the lighter. Take one end of the lace and push the edges out with your finger. Singe them using the lighter to prevent fraying, but do not melt the paracord closed. Now take the straw and slide it into the lace a few inches melted end first.

Take the swivel with the fishing line and fold the swivel onto the clip part and fold the fishing line together. Put it inside of the straw swivel side first, and push it to the bottom of the straw using the piece of wire. Work the lace over the straw and swivel. Add a split shot to the straw and push it down to the swivel and fishing line. Work the lace further up the straw over the spit shot.

Take your three bait hooks and line them up flush with each other so you can put them all into the straw at the same time. Push the hooks down to the spit shot by their eyelets. Add the other swivel and one of the spit shots. Fold the end of the straw over itself long ways, crimp it down with pliers, and melt it closed.  Work the lace over each item as you put it into the straw.

Once all of the items are in the straw and the end is melted closed. Work the lace over the straw, and seal it closed by melting the end together. Prepare the straw for the other end of the lace and stick it inside the lace a few inches sealed end first. Fold the 6” piece of jute twine in half and put it in the straw folded side first. Push it to the bottom with the wire.

Take the two pieces of electrical tape and wrap them in a circle around themselves so there is a whole in the center. Put the needle inside the two wraps of electrical tape and push them into the straw together at the same time. Fold the end on itself long ways, crimp down with pliers, and melt the end shut with the lighter. Work the lace over the straw and melt it shut. All that’s left to do is carefully lace your boot back up.

Now you have a paracord bootlace survival kit that includes items you can fish and start a fire with, sew a wound shut, and create a make-shift band aide.

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