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Making a Paracord Boonie Hat

In this instructional video presented by David Hopper, you will learn just how easy adding paracord to a boonie hat really is. By adding paracord to a boonie hat you will have extra survival cord at your disposal and it will give your boonie hat some flare.

For this project you will need a boonie hat, 30 feet of WarriorCord or SurvivorCord, and hemostats or needle nose pliers. To begin, fold the length of paracord in half bringing the ends together and tie a double overhand knot. Tuck the knotted end under one of the loops on the boonie hat, from top to bottom.

Next, take the doubled up length of cord over and under the next loop on the boonie hat, pulling all the cord through the top of the next loop. Repeat the same process all the way around the hat, working over and under. When you reach the starting point, work the cord over and under the starting loop.

Now working in the opposite direction, cross the cords over the previous passes, working over and under the loops. Continue this process all the way around the hat. Once you have made it back around the boonie hat, work the cord under and over the starting loop.

Feed the cord under the crisscrossing you have made on the front of the loops. You can use the hemostats or needle nose pliers to work the cord under the crossings to make things easier, but using just your hands will also work. Once you have made it all the way around, continue pass around the hat following alongside the previous passes without overlapping them until you run out of cord. You should be able to make at least four passes with 30’ of cord. The end of the cord can be tucked up under the crossings to finish.

Now you know just how easy it is to make a paracord boonie hat.  If you need to use the paracord, pull on the knotted end and unravel the crossings first for the quickest unraveling of the cord.

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