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Making Rope with Paracord

Learn how to make your own paracord rope in this video by Everyday Knife Guy.  Make your own paracord rope for emergency use.

If you ever find yourself in a survival situation where you need a rope, as long as you have paracord you can make a pretty strong rope. This article will discuss how to make a paracord rope using the four strand round braid. You will need two separate sections of SurvivorCord or WarriorCord. The amount you need depends on you and how long of a rope you want to make. In a survival situation, you will use what you have access to at the time.

First fold the two sections of paracord in half in equal lengths. Create a simple overhand knot at loop ends treating the strands as one. You should have a knot with four cords of equal lengths. For explanation purposes we will have two orange cords and two black cords.

You want the cords to be in such a position that the black cords are coming out to the front and back and the orange cords are coming out through the middle of the black cords. Pull the black cords to the right and the orange cords to the left. To make things easier you can attach the loop above the knot to a hook or something that will hold it in place.

Start with the black cord that is coming out the back and work it to the left through the middle of the orange cords towards you, and pull it towards the right over the orange cord. You should have the two black cords coming out the front and the two orange cords coming out the back.

Take the top outermost left orange cord around back and up between the two black cords coming towards you, and back over to the left. Now take the top black cord around the back and through the middle of the orange cords and back over to the right. Pull the braid tight with each pass.

Continue this process until you reach the end of your rope. The most important thing is to try and keep constant tension on the braid as you are making it. Once you get to the end make a simple overhand knot or diamond knot. If possible cut the ends and melt them to the knot.

Your rope is now complete and ready for use. This technique will make a surprisingly strong rope for any general or emergency purpose.

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