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Make a Spear Using Paracord

Video Overview

In this video you will see how you can make a spear using paracord and a fixed blade knife. Creating a spear using parachute cord is simple and can be an effective tool when out in the wilderness. Creating a spear using paracord is an essential skill that all survival enthusiasts should acquire.

What would you do if you were out in the wilderness and for some reason or another ended up lost and hungry with nothing but the clothes on your back, a knife, and some paracord? You would eat and protect yourself by creating a spear using paracord, a stick, and a knife. In this article you will discover just how easy it really is to create a spear using paracord.

The materials you will need to begin creating a spear are a section of paracord, a fixed blade knife, and a stick to use as the pole of the spear. The best way to make sure you have enough paracord is to carry the paracord on your knife to begin with. By wrapping and securing the paracord tightly to the knife handle you will always have the tools necessary to create a spear in a moment’s notice.

The most efficient spear will be about as wide as your knife handle and approximately 6” longer that the height you stand. So it is important to take this into consideration when searching for a stick to attach your knife to. If possible, it would be best to choose stronger hardwood over flexible softwood.

To begin, place the knife onto the spear pole so that the knife handle is flush with the end of the pole. Then, starting about an inch from the base of the handle, tie the knife to the stick with the paracord using a simple overhand knot, leaving enough tail to tie off later. Begin wrapping the paracord tightly around the knife blade and pole until you reach the top of the handle. Once you reach the top of the handle begin wrapping the paracord around itself, in between the knife handle and pole, until you have enough left to tightly tie to the tail end created in the beginning. This will tighten the lashing and make sure the knife is tightly secured to the pole.  You will want to pull the paracord tight but not too tight at the end when tying off, a simple double overhand knot will do.

Your spear is now complete and ready for use.  You can use this spear to cut hard to reach fruit from a tree or branches for building a shelter. You can also use it as a weapon to keep distance between you and a potentially dangerous animal, or it could be used to spear an animal for food if the situation is dire.

Creating a spear using paracord is simple and is an essential skill for all outdoor enthusiasts. So the next time you plan a wilderness adventure, be sure to carry your knife with paracord wrapped around the handle. You never know when you will need to create a spear, or when you’re going to need some paracord.   

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