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How to ZigZag Spool Your Paracord

Always wanted to know how to zigzag spool your paracord?  This easy to follow instructional video by David Hopper teaches you how to never have the cord fall off your spool again by learning how to zigzag spool paracord.

You know when you’re trying to spool up your parachute cord and the cord falls off the ends of the spool when you’re nearly done, making you want to pull your hair out? Well there is a solution, and it involves using a zigzag technique. This article will discuss how to zigzag spool paracord. All you need is a length of paracord, and a carabiner paracord spool. You can use a home-made spool if you do not have a carabiner paracord spool. You can start with any length of paracord that will fit onto your spool.

To begin, take one of the ends of paracord and hold it at the top of the spool. Pull the paracord to the bottom of the spool and hold in place. Take the working end and wrap it tightly to the spool over the first end, with each wrap snug against the previous.  Continue all the way back to the top of the spool keeping the starting end straight underneath of the wraps.

Once you reach the end of the spool, work the paracord back down the spool in wide wraps, making it so the ending wraps flow smoothly back onto the core. Usually 3 or four wraps across the entire length of the spool. Once you reach the end do the same thing going back the other direction crossing over the first wide wraps. Repeat this technique until all of your paracord is on the spool.

Once your paracord is on the spool with about 6” remaining, take the end and wrap it around itself where the last wrap comes over the spool. Wrap it about three times, pull tight and you’re done.

And that is all there is to zigzag spooling your paracord. Now you don’t have to ever worry about the cord falling of the ends of the spool.

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