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How to Turn Paracord into Emergency Sewing Thread

Learn how to turn parachute cord into emergency sewing thread in this video by Hard Corps Travel. In the case of an emergency turn paracord into emergency sewing thread. 

You never know when you find yourself in an emergency situation and need to sew a piece of clothing or worse stitch up a wound. If you have paracord, like you should when exploring the wilderness, then you can turn the paracord into emergency sewing thread.

To make sewing thread, cut one end of the paracord and pull out your desired length of inner threads and cut free. Each inner thread is made up of two strands twisted together. Twist the thread by holding one of the threads and gently pushing down on the other to separate the two threads. Once you get the threads separated, straighten them out so they are not twisted. Then all that’s left is to do is thread your needle and sew. If you don’t need both strands, save one for another day.

Even though this makes a handy way of sewing up a tear in your clothing or pack, the same technique can be used to sew a wound closed in the worst case scenario. If you get injured in the wilderness and professional medical attention isn’t an option, the best way to decrease risk of infection and blood loss is to stitch the wound closed.

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