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How to Make the Bound Tower Paracord Bracelet

Discover how to make the bound tower paracord bracelet in this informative how-to video present by Tying It All together (TIAT). The bound tower paracord bar bracelet evokes the look of a splendor tower, bound by chains within, and can be made with either SurvivorCord or WarriorCord.

To make the bound tower paracord bar bracelet you will need one 4’ length of paracord and one 6’ length of paracord. The colors are your choice, but in this project we are going to use 4’ orange paracord and 6’ yellow paracord. These dimensions will yield a 7 ½” long bracelet.

Find the center of both cords and put them together. Beginning at the center mark with the short orange cord on top, bring the orange cord around the center point of the yellow cord, crossing the ends over each other.

Next bring the ends of the yellow cord together at the center, with the ends of the orange cords flowing to their respective right and left sides. The right orange working cord and bring it over the top of the two yellow center cords, creating a loop on the right side. Bring the left orange working cord over the end of the right working cord, behind the two center yellow cords, and through the loop on the right side. Tighten the knot down keep the loop at the top of the work on top. You want to keep the loop on top at about ½”.

To make the bound tower pattern, begin by taking the left yellow center cord to the right of the top of and around the right orange cord. Keeping the right center yellow cord behind everything, and centered in the loop created by the left working cord wrapping around the right orange cord.

Now bring the end of the center right yellow cord up to the front of the work, keeping it centered in the center of the loop with your thumb. Put the end of the center right yellow cord through the triangular space created above the previous loop.

Tighten the knot in the center of the work keeping the loop around the right orange cord somewhat loose at about 1”.Take the end of the yellow cord that is coming out of the back of the work through the center of the looped yellow cord around the right orange cord. Pull on the yellow cord coming out of the center to the left to tighten the knot. You may need to pull on the orange cord, to keep everything around the same tightness. You do not want to pull the orange cords to tight or it will distort the pattern.

Now repeat the same process, but on the left side. Continuing the process, alternating sides with each complete knot until you are almost to the end. Once you have reached the end, lock the work into place by creating two cobra weaves. Cut the remaining paracord and melt the ends into the last cobra weave. Tie the center orange cords into a knot, cut the excess, and melt the ends into the knot. That’s it, enjoy.

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