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How To Make A Paracord Dog Leash Handle

Learn how to make a paracord dog leash handle in this video by Mr. Coop. If you are making your own dog leash you will need to know how to make a paracord dog leash handle.

So you have finished the cobra weave of your dog leash and you are now ready to make the handle. So at this point there should be a bend and the top and the cobra knot with its working ends should be coming down towards the bend.

Start as if you were going to make a slip knot, by working the completed section of the leash through the bend. Pull most of the leash through and adjust the loop that is created to the size handle you want, and hold it in place using a binder clip. You will have two sets of parachute cord now, the center cords from the main weave and the two cords created from bending the end to create the loop for the handle.

Continue your cobra weave until you meet the point where the handle will start. You are going to continue the cobra weave over the two separate sets of cords to lock the handle in place. To do this, take the left working cord of the cobra weave and work it under the right most inner cord. Then take the right working cord of the cobra weave and put it over the end of the left working end, behind all the inner cords, and then through the loop on the left side. Remove the binder clip and pull the cobra knot down tight. Make a second cobra knot starting with the same cord as before, except this time it should be on the right. This will further secure the handle in place.

Continue to make cobra knots, but only down the center cords that are coming out of the original cobra weave. These cords should follow all the way to the other end of the handle. Once you have worked your way to the end of the handle you can either create a king cobra by working a cobra weave back over the top of the first or you can simply cut the remaining cordage and melt the ends into the weave.

That’s it! Your homemade paracord dog leash is now ready to be put to use.

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