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How to Make A Paracord Cross

Learn how to make a paracord cross in this video by Nonnie Vera. If you have paracord scraps lying around, why not learn how to make a paracord cross.

The size of your cross will depend on if you’re working with scraps of paracord or with lengths you cut specifically for this project. For explanation purposes we will work with 2’ lengths of SurvivorCord or WarriorCord. The colors are up to you, but we will be using pink and red.

Start by laying the color you want to be on the outside of the cross horizontally on a table. In this case ours will be the red paracord. Take the pink paracord and place it perpendicular over the center of the red cord. While holding the pink cord in place on the red cord, take the top section of the pink cord and loop it down over the red cord to the left. Then take the left side of the red cord and bring it over the top of the pink cords.

Take the bottom section of the pink cord and loop it over the top of the red cords on the right side. Then take the right section of the red cord and place the end through the first loop created by the pink cord on the left side. Take all four of the ends and pull to tighten the knot that was just created.

Repeat the same process except for working towards the opposite side as before. So instead of taking the top section of the pink cord to the left, you will take it to the right. Repeat this process three times so that you have four knots alternating sides with each knot. Create a second piece that is identical to the first. You will be putting these two pieces together and then creating the horizontal part of the cross.

Hold the two pieces of work together in your hand with the working ends of the cord coming out of the middle of the work. Continue creating the same knot as before on each side. The knots will pull and hold the two pieces together. Repeat the knots on both sides until the cross is to your desired size. Once you finish cut the remaining ends of paracord. You can either melt them into the work, or glue them in place with a little bit of super glue.

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