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How to Make a Kunai Rope Dart Using Paracord

Learn how to make a kunai rope dart using paracord in this educational video by Xolette. Have your own Chinese weapon by learning how to make a kunai rope dart using paracord. It is simple and quick to make a kunai rope dart using paracord.

The rope dart is a Chinese martial arts weapon that can be made using any shape of “dart”. The darts can be spear shaped, spiked, or have multiple edges.  This article is going to lay out the basics of how to make a kunai rope dart using parachute cord. A kunai is a Japanese dagger, originally created as a farming tool.

For this project you will need a kunai, a length of paracord that is twice your arm length, a piece of cloth, scissors, and a lighter. To get started cut your length of paracord and melt the ends to prevent fraying, and to make the ends easier to handle. Next cut out a square piece of cloth that is about 8”-10” across. Using pinking shears will prevent the cloth from fraying at the cut edges. Next cut two small slits in the center of the cloth by folding the cloth in half and making a small cut where the fold is.

Take one of the paracord ends and put it through one of the slits, working from front to back. Put the end of the paracord through the kunai ring and loop it around once coming back through the kunai ring from behind. Work the end of paracord through the second slit from back to front. 

Create two half hitches (basic overhand knot) in the same direction, with the end of the paracord and the length of cord that is going into the first slit. Once you have made the half hitches, make a figure eight knot in the end to prevent the paracord from slipping. To make a figure eight knot, take the paracord end and create a loop. Turn the loop twice and put the end of the paracord through the loop and pull tight. Cut the remaining end and singe to prevent fraying.

The last thing to do is to create the hand loop using a bowline knot. Make a loop 6”-8” from the end in which the loop is going to be on. Take the paracord end and work it through the loop from behind and under the other side of the loop, back over and finally through the top of the loop. Pull tight keeping the hand loop in place as you tighten.  Cut the remaining end and singe to prevent fraying.

That’s it! Your kunai rope dart is now ready to be used. There are different designs out there for rope darts. The cloth can have different placements for different purposes. Placing the cloth 7” from the dart confuses the opponent to where the dart actually is. Placing it at the base of the kunai creates a blossoming effect. The overall purpose of the cloth is to help balance the dart and improve aim.

Some designs use multiple chain links to connect the rope and dart, but it is not necessary to make an effective rope dart. One thing to keep in mind is that rope darts can be extremely dangerous weapons to train with and beginners should practice with a monkey’s practice rope dart before attempting with the kunai. Good luck and have fun!

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