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How To Make a Game Strap Using 550 Paracord

Discover how to make a game strap using TITAN 550 Paracord in this instructional video presented by Sportsman’s Designs. Try making a game strap using paracord for your next hunting trip.

To make a game strap you will need five 3’ sections of paracord, a lighter, ten key rings, a tape measure, and some masking tape. To begin, measure about 9” from one end and tie all the cords together using a simple knot. Then put the knot and the 9” above it in a vice to hold it in place while you braid.

To braid the strap, put three cords on one side and two cords to the other side. Beginning with the side that has three cords, take the outer most cord and work it over to the inside of the set of two cords, which now just became the side with three cords. Now take the outer most cord of the side with three cords and work it to the inside of the side with two cords.

The side that has three cords will alternate with each pass. All you have to remember is always take the outer cord of the side that has three cords, and put it to the inside of the set on the opposite side. Make sure to keep the braids pushed up to the starting end and kept tight while braiding.

Continue the braid until you are about 9” from the end. Then wrap masking tape around braid end to keep it from coming undone. Tie the cords in a knot at the end of the braid, and remove the masking tape. Make sure the knots on the ends of the strap are nice and tight.

Line the ends up on one end of the strap and trip them to all the same length. Tie a key ring to each end of paracord. Cut the excess cord and melt the end into the knot to keep it from ever coming undone. Repeat this process for the cords on the other end of the strap, and your game strap will be complete and ready to use.

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