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How to Create a Fish Stringer with Paracord

Quick Video Summary

This video is a simple tutorial on how to create a fish stringer with a paracord, helping you to have even more fun on your fishing trip!

How to Create a Fish Stringer with a Paracord

So it is a casual weekend and you go fishing with your son. You have caught a lot of fish, and you realize you forgot to bring your ice bucket. What do you do?

It is simple as ever. You create a fish stringer with a paracord! It is definitely the simplest thing one could ever do. All it requires is a little length of paracord.

What is the benefit of a fish stringer?

The primary function of the stringer is to keep the fish alive. Many regions across the world have a limit on the number of fish you are allowed to take away. In such a case, if you catch a fish you can put the fish on stringer and keep fishing for a better one. Once you have a better one, you can let the first one go.

Or if you catch a fish that is about to die, you can put it on the stringer and release a healthy fish from the stringer into the water. That way you are being kind to the fish.

Also, you do not have to carry an ice bucket if you are using a stringer. This is because as the fish is alive, it doesn’t get stale or rotten. It is fresh when you take it off the stringer at the end of the day.

In order to create a fish stringer with a paracord, the foremost step is to learn fishing (lol). After all, what good is a stringer if you have no fish to string?

Here is a step by step guide on how to create a fish stringer with a paracord.

  1. Take a piece of paracord. No exact dimensions are needed. The piece should just be long enough in order to string your fishes.
  2. Pass the string through the gills of the fish, and take it out through the mouth.
  3. Since you are passing the string through the gills, this method is torturous to the fish. In order to let the fish breathe easily, you can pass the paracord from upper lip to lower lip, using a needle.
  4. Hang the stringer on the side of your boat so that the fish is immersed in the water.

And that is it! You've got yourself a fish stringer. Need some great paracord for this project?  TITAN's MIL-SPEC WarriorCord is perfect for paracord projects!

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