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How to Create a DIY Firewood Carrier with Paracord

Quick Video Summary

In this short video by Intense Anglers, you will learn how to create a simple firewood carrier with just two sticks and some paracord. It’s a great simple alternative to carrying firewood the old-fashioned way. This simple concept allows you to carry more firewood at a time and all you need is two sticks and 10 feet of paracord. Check out this video and the next time you’re out camping give it a try. You will be amazed at how much firewood you can collect with just two sticks and some paracord!

DIY Firewood Carrier Instructions

Have you ever been out camping, and while out collecting firewood, thought to yourself, there has to be a better way to carry this firewood. Well there is, and you will be able to carry two to three times more firewood at a time! Learn how to create a simple firewood carrier with just a couple sticks and some paracord. This is a great, simple alternative to carrying firewood the old-fashioned way. To get started you will need to gather two sticks that are approximately one and a half feet to two feet long. They should be strong and easy to grip. You will also need about ten feet of paracord.

To create a firewood carrier, you will need to fold the paracord in half so that it is in two even lengths. With your knife cut the paracord in half. Using a lighter or matches, melt the fresh cut ends of paracord. This will keep the paracord from becoming frayed over time.

Next, take an end of one of the sticks, starting about two inches up, tie on a piece of the paracord. A simple granny knot, also known as a basic double knot, will get the job done. Take the end of the other length of paracord, that is not tied to anything yet, and tie it onto the opposite end of the same stick, keeping the paracord about two inches from the end. Take the remaining ends of paracord and do the same thing to the other stick. You should have two lines of paracord attached with a stick at each end.

That’s it! You have just created your own simple firewood carrier, using just two sticks and some paracord! Now you can put it to work. Simply stretch your firewood carrier out on the ground, and place your firewood in the center of the two paracord lines. Take one of the sticks and place it over the firewood, weaving the ends of the stick behind the paracord, which is on the other side of the firewood. Pulling up on the stick takes the slack away from around the firewood, and synchs the paracord down nice and tight around the firewood. Now you are ready to carry your firewood back to the campsite with no hassle!

You could get fancy with this project, by taking two nice sturdy sticks that you have collected, and drill holes approximately two inches from the ends. These holes will be where you tie the paracord. You can stain the sticks, or paint them with some designs to give them a more personal touch.

Happy firewood collecting, and don't forget to check out our patented SurvivorCord!

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